A deep dive into WeSleep Tokenomics & Fundraising Stages

After months of preparations, strategy development and team building, WeSleep team is feeling confident and ready to start active fundraise stage. Having said that, they can publicly share the news that their Seed and Private Sale rounds have started. They do see such rounds being highly important at this stage since successful completion will guarantee that all the goals set in a roadmap will be achieved on time and with quality.

Deep dive into tokenomics model of $WEZ

WeSleep team, together with their advisor Logan Lemery, has been working on developing a tokenomics model which would become a strong base for their $WEZ token’s future value as well as allow to build a sustainable and balanced ecosystem for the project. In order to achieve such goals many potential variations, rules and user initiatives were considered.

Dual token system was chosen which includes $WEZ (governance token, built on Solana) and $ZZZ (utility/rewards token built on BNB). Let’s have a closer look at the $WEZ tokenomics sections one by one to have a better understanding of each.

Key points taken into account for the model of $WEZ:

  • Staking initiatives;

$WEZ tokenomics model and release schedules

1.) Seed:

In order to achieve their goals and have a better positioning in the market, they’re actively looking for Seed investment from a trusted VC or Private Fund at this stage. Having a well connected investment party joining the project would enable WeSleep to scale and grow at a faster pace.

  • Seed round allocation — 4,00 % of total supply;

Seed round is now Live:

- Pitch deck: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B5W0TXAAkKD4G2QVTi4kV65EpFv5cujE/view?usp=sharing

2.) Private Sale:

Since Seed round is targeted towards VC and Private Funds, Private Sale round has multiple goals, such as: Community growth; Attract Beta testers for their MVP; Secure funds required for project delivery and growth.

  • Private Sale round allocation — 7,00 % of total supply;

Private Sale round is now Live:

3.) Public Sale/IDO:

As being a final round of active fundraise stage, Public Sale/IDO will allow WeSleep to secure sufficient funds for listings in selected DEX and CEX as well as token support in the long-term period. As of now, WeSleep is planning to list the token in at least 3 DEX and at least 3 CEX in the period of 3 months since the TGE.

  • Public Sale/IDO round allocation — 9,00 % of total supply;

4.) Team

They do believe that team is at the core of any successful project and so team token allocation will allow WeSleep to incentivise and reward current and future team members for their dedication and results.

  • Allocation — 15,00 %;

5.) Treasury

Pool of tokens allocated towards a treasury covers: liquidity pools, farming pools, staking rewards, marketing, token support, listings. Having said that, treasury pool could be named as operational allocation, which allows them to support the token and sustain ecosystem.

  • Allocation — 45,00 %;

6.) Advisory

Their advisors are highly valuable and contribute greatly towards the project and its success. Advisory part is allocated fully to incentivise people who are assisting WeSleep and take on the role of advisors.

  • Allocation — 5,00 %;

7.) Sleep & Earn

Despite $WEZ being governance token, part of the total supply will be integrated into the rewards system. Tokens from this allocation will be accessible to users as rewards via Mystery Boxes, which carry $WEZ, $ZZZ or Sleeping Pills within themselves.

  • Allocation — 15,00 %;

To sum it up, listing price is set at 0.035 $ which makes initial market cap of 3 542 291 $ with a circulating supply of 101 208 333 $WEZ at the time of TGE.

Join WeSleep and become part of the New Meta:



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