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Delve deeper into the Xplorers’ world through an insightful AMA Session, conducted on the NftyPlay Telegram group.

Get a better understanding from JamsTheXplorer from Xplorer team who joined the AMA session to answer all the questions.

The AMA Session had two segments in total, Segment I for Introduction and Segment II for Live Q&A.


Jai: @JamsTheXplorer, Before we start, could you please introduce yourself and go over your backgrounds so everyone in here gets to know you better?

JamsTheXplorer: Sure, I am JamsTheXplorer, Co-Founder of the Xplorers. I come from a business background having worked in finance and real estate. Our team consists of people from varied backgrounds and from different parts of the world. Our lead designer, hyperlink, is a design professor based of out of California. He teaches at one of the top design schools globally. Our team consists of members who have graduated from institutes such as USC, MIT and Art Center College of Design and our currently working together from different corners of the world 🌎

Q1. What do you think is the reason behind the NFT Boom in recent times?

JamsTheXplorer: NFTs have made it possible, for the first time ever, for people to own assets digitally. The potential that has is limitless — and everyone is seeing that. Tickets to sporting events, proof of ownership for luxury items, or even physical real estate can all be sold as NFTs. When it comes to generative art collections, like the Xplorers, we believe they symbolize a turning point for social media as a whole.

With all the privacy concerns in social media, we are seeing a transformation of sorts where people are associating their digital identities with these unique avatars. This has allowed for the formation of digital communities that people can belong to without sacrificing privacy. It’s sort of social media 2.0. NFTs, being non-fungible tokens, have the ability to unlock tremendous value.

Q2. Tell us how the Xplorers’ NFT collections are going to be different from others?

JamsTheXplorer: So we believe that xploration is the first step to innovation. By creating a community of Xplorers, we aim to accelerate innovation, starting with Art and moving to other verticals. We really do believe the archetype of a person in this space today is that of an Xplorer — everyone is looking to explore new opportunities and possibilities in this space, be it different tokens, DeFi, DAO, or the metaverse. Our collection will provide them with a community of like-minded individuals.

Another thing that we believe will make our community stand out and sustain itself is collaboration. We strongly believe the way forward is collaborating with people we align with in the industry. We want the Xplorers to explore different ecosystems that help add value to the Xplorers brand in the long run. We’ve also created some really fun AR filters and zoom backgrounds to help our community members maintain their digital identity on platforms like Twitch and zoom

Q3. What unique features can we expect from the Xplorers’ Studio?

JamsTheXplorer: Humans have always needed a space to interact with one another, to converse, innovate, and create. It could be a bar, cafe or even your living room. We see the Xplorers Studio being that — in the metaverse.

The goal with the Studio is to create a space where our community members can engage and interact digitally. The AR filters and zoom backgrounds are a part of that. Within the studio, we would be enabling a few things: a chance for creators and investors within our community to interact with each other and provide feedback on projects (this is where we have also set up a Community Wallet), a place for members to display curated collections or art, and most importantly, we plan on using the Studio to collaborate with different artists and create worlds for The Xplorers to go explore.

Q4. Can you tell us about the kind of community Xplorers is looking forward to creating around your NFT collections?

JamsTheXplorer: Sure. The biggest difference we see forming between our physical identity and our digital identity is that people don’t want their digital identity to be based on characteristics from the real world like gender or the color of their skin. Instead, they want it to be about something deeper.

With the Xplorers community, that is exactly what our vision is based on — building a community of people who put on their Xplorer helmets and connect with each other around a single trait — the desire to explore. It is for people who are working hard at their day job but still take the time to explore this new digital world that is quickly forming around us. Fun fact — we are actually also working on 3D printing the helmets!

Q5. Can you shed some light on Xplorers’ Community Bank?

JamsTheXplorer: So the Community Bank is our version of what we have been calling a Decentralized Venture Studio. We want to provide our Xplorers with as much of a framework as we can to help them not only explore different possibilities but also allow them to kickstart their own projects in these varied avenues. Our Community Wallet has been set up to ensure 33% of proceeds we receive from secondary sales always go towards funding projects that members of our community choose to undertake. We have created different channels for #PhotographyXplorers, #artXplorers, #financeXplorers, #musicXplorers and more to help community members discuss and explore different possibilities that they could work on and also connect with likeminded Xplorers

Q6. What is the vision behind Xplorers integrating elements of the Metaverse?

JamsTheXplorer: We are currently using the internet as a 2D scroll on a flat screen; the metaverse changes that to being more of a 3D spatial experience. The metaverse aims to create a digital world that is overlaid on the physical world we live in. We see a lot of current, regular online interactions get upgraded and enhanced in the metaverse. But for the metaverse to develop like cities around us it needs to form culture. In any city culture is usually formed by groups of people coming together and interacting over a period of time. Generative art collections, like the Xplorers, are what will be those digital communities that will bring culture to the metaverse. Which is why we have tried to integrate it into our vision

Q7. When is Xplorers launching, and how does one stay updated?

JamsTheXplorer: So we just opened our presale spots a couple of days ago. We have created a few different ways for people to be a part of it. We will hopefully be minting later this month! Looking forward to having everyone from the community here be a part of it. To stay updated please follow our twitter @nftxplorers and join our discord!


Q. Is Your Project available for the global people or It’s limited for some areas? If it’s globally available are you guys planning to introduce it globally?

JamsTheXplorer: It’s a very global project with a very global team!

Q. Can you tell us about your team members? are they qualified and professional in their fields? What are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project?

JamsTheXplorer: We have teammates who are very skilled in tech, design as well as business and have graduated from top institutes globally!

Q. What plans do you have to grow rapidly in terms of users, global market and partners? What are your strategies in building a big and strong community?

JamsTheXplorer: So, our goal is to build the RIGHT community rather than a BIG community — that’s a big part of why we are more focused on the right kind of partnerships to help get genuine people together who can derive as much utility from this project as possible. It is also why we have chosen to partner with NftyPlay

Q. Can you list 1–3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

JamsTheXplorer: I think our AR filters are radically different from most projects — we have actually made it possible to jump on a live stream and have your Xplorer Helmet and background be the same as your avatar. Also our Xplorer Studio is very unique to this project

Q. Your Project has a plan to educate the community, thereby raising awareness, applying and helping more people understand you easily?

JamsTheXplorer: Yes! Education is actually a big part of the project — as mentioned earlier our designs are created by a professor. We are working to figure out ways to use our community to educate different creators. We are working on things like tutorial videos etc as well

Q. Do you have a plan to keep the Floor Price high? Will there be some community events that reward and convince people to hold the XPlorers NFTs in the long ter?

JamsTheXplorer: Yes! Maintaining floor price is going to be very important for us moving forward — we have a lot of post mint plans in place to help increase the floor, including airdrops to make sure all initial investors always make good profits

Q. Many new projects initially developed well but were suddenly abandoned. How will Xplorers manage the project to maintain its position in the market and become a good project in the blockchain world?

JamsTheXplorer: So a lot of a projects success depends on forming the right community. If you form a community purely based on hype people just come in and buy a piece only to flip it — what we are working very hard towards doing is getting in people who believe in the vision of the project and our looking to stick with it long term. Making sure we use the community wallet well and continuously building the right partnerships is what we believe will help us sustain the community long term

JamsTheXplorer: Lots of questions about the roadmap so here it us!

Jai: NftyPlay 🤝 Xplorers:

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