Ankots of Misteria TOKEN ANKT and LVS

4 min readMay 22, 2022

What is Ankots of misteria

Ankots of misteria is a new play 2 earn game pvp quite interesting that we two today for what they have to offer and we should keep in mind now that it is coming soon to the blockchain of polygon. Players who want to try the game will be available on mobile play store and app store. You will see more here.

A few words about their TOKEN

These tokens will be very useful in the game because all transactions will be made with these tokens. we will see them all in detail below.

What is the token ANKT:

ANKT will be the main token in its ecosystem Ankots of misteria and is built on the polygon network and this token will allow players to buy Land, Ankots, orbs and sell collectibles in the game.

The tokenomics (ANKT)

Total brands — 700.000.000

Ecosystem -50%

Team — 10%

Private Sale — 14%

Treasury — 10%

Public Sale — 6%

Liquidity — 4%

Advisors — 4%

Marketing — 2%

What is TOKEN (LVS)

The ankost of misteria will also have a secondary token called love spirits LVS that has been developed on the polygon and is necessary to create new ankot, persuasion something that makes it different can be sold directly on the market with ANKT increasing its value token LVS.

LVS can be created in-game and by collecting resources called Spirits that can be found throughout the digital world of Ankost of misteria. This ultimately motivates active and repetitive participation on the part of players who want to gain value. For this reason, the game does not have a fixed ceiling. LVS will have ANKT-linked collectible value, and will be used primarily to facilitate in-game operations.

Usefulness of ANKT & LVS token

Increased and prolonged consumption of ANKT & LVS in the game will result in long-term benefits for investors. There are 6 main ways in which players can consume ANKT & LVS:

  1. Extra energy (Players will have limited energy for battles that will drop energy over time. To continue the battle, they can purchase energy using LVS.)
  2. Pvp battles (Players can use LVS to play against a computer opponent or practice battles without affecting their ranking.)
  3. Play Ankots ( Players will need ANKT and LVS to play Ankot. A higher amount of LVS will be consumed based on the number of times the Ankots are played. The maximum number of times an Ankot can be deployed is 7.
  4. Market (Players will have the option to purchase stones, spirits, etc. from other players using LVS in the in-game exchange.)
  5. Create Orbs (Players can create balls using LVS. The higher the ball level, the higher the amount of LVS to be spent.)
  6. Energy boost Orbs (Players can also use LVS to improve their balls. The more times they strengthen the ball, the more LVS will be consumed and this will increase exponentially)

Stake to earn

The ankost of misteria will also offer an excellent option that will be announced soon where users can stake their tokens and earn passive APY income by keeping their token, more information we will learn soon.

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