Announcing Bondex Origin App

3 min readOct 31, 2021


The official launch of the Bondex Origin App is here! A monumental feat for the Bondex ecosystem.

As a vital phase in our roadmap, our astute team of developers has completed the Bondex Origin App which will jumpstart the network users acquisition, allowing users to network with each other, seek professional career opportunities, collaborate on short-term projects, and share user-generated content.

Bondex is a decentralized fintech-enabled ecosystem that aims to leverage blockchain technology to create a user ownership model as opposed to that of near-monopolistic centralized businesses. The Origin App allows users to participate in the ecosystem as real stakeholders in the growth and success of the talent ecosystem through tokenized revenue sharing mechanisms.

Perks for Users On the Origin App

The Bondex Origin App will populate the ecosystem by building a large network of talented participants.

Origin is built for crypto users to become stakeholders in the Bondex ecosystem.

The app will allow registered users to freely mine BNDX tokens on their mobile phones by logging in once a day. Using this app, we are incentivizing users with a token that’s being mined for free that will convert to the DEX and exchange-listed BNDX tokens on a 1:1 ratio.

The company has dedicated 5% of our total token supply to the free mining app.

Through BNDX tokens, the app incentivizes users when they register with a verified LinkedIn account, upload their resume, complete KYC verifications, AML regulations and refer additional users.

Download Origin App for Android on Google Play Store and IOS on Apple Play Store.

Bondex Origin is an app for those who are looking to expand their digital wallet and take advantage of all that’s available in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Whether you’re a seasoned cryptocurrency enthusiast, or a beginner looking to dive into crypto for the first time, Bondex wants to help you get ready for the crypto revolution!

¶ About Bondex

Bondex is a fintech-enabled global talent ecosystem and professional network deployed on Dfinity. The aim is geared towards enabling mass adoption of cryptocurrency by offering easy on/off ramp bank accounts with debit cards.

Bondex vision is to build a fintech-enabled ecosystem on a global professional talent network utilizing proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain protocol. Bondex will populate the ecosystem by drip-releasing decentralized applications (dapps), such as peer-to-peer payment solutions, Defi capabilities including lending, borrowing, staking features, educational resources; workflow management, and many more, enabling seamless global employee integration post recruitment and unlocking economic value for both individuals and corporate users.

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