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Less than a day and they’re back with a new Bold Point universe post. Ultimately they’d like to say a few words about quests and player interaction with them. And highlight in-game achievements for quest completion!

Recently they described one of the most significant game mechanics and the map, but they won’t lay all their cards on the table! Bold Point is a combined game with many in-game perks and hidden treasures. With the MVP version nearing, the time to try the game’s first stage is almost here.


The Bold Point world is full of different characters and magical events. Each of them may lead you to unexpected adventures. One can engage in diverse quests with versatile choice options and multiple endings.

All information on quests can be found in the corresponding menu tab. It shows active quests available and completed. The main part takes place at the starting location. By completing quests, a player gets acquainted with the main elements of the interface, learns to control the character, meets the main NPCs, and takes part in training battles.

Next step, the big world, where players learn the basics of creating items and extracting resources. They can take quests in cities or complete daily tasks to receive resources, currency, and reputation.

The desired quest in the tab can be made active, while hints for transitions and actions appear on the locations.


For your glorious deed, you have to receive remarkable rewards. This was their motivation to create an achievement system to encourage players to engage in various activities.

Characters receive Achievements for performing certain actions. There are two types of achievement:

- Ordinary Achievements (each of which has three grades),

- Heroic Achievements

Through ordinary achievements, the player has a chance to subsequently receive an additional reward when performing the same or similar actions. The higher the achievement grade, the higher this chance. The reward for a heroic achievement is given once and for all. You can view the received Achievements and find the progress of obtaining new ones in the character profile.

About Bold Point

Bold Point is an NFT-based role-playing game built exclusively on the Avalanche ecosystem that offers a fun and competitive experience.

The game is designed to build your character and level it up through battle, either against other players (PvP) or against the computer AI (PvE). It’s also possible to earn extra crypto when playing against other players (Gold PvP).

Bold Point aims to break adoption barriers and bring more players to the blockchain gaming space. Follow us on Twitter.

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YAY Games is a decentralized game publisher that aggregates a wide range of games focused on Play-2-earn, NFTs, and DeFi.

As the ultimate GameFi brand, YAY Games also works as an Incubator thanks to its Initial Game Offering (IGO) Platform “Zeus” — allowing top gaming projects to have access to the expertise, large community, and sophisticated game mining architecture.

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