Briefly about Niftables tokenomics ($NFT)


They have taken great care to prepare for the future growth of their $NFT token and have made sure that the community’s support of their ecosystem does not go unnoticed! Not only will you be able to use their token, but you will also be rewarded for doing so.


All transactions on purchases of their $NFT token (excluding marketplace and white label platforms) will include a small fee which will be used to increase their liquidity pool. The token will include an anti-bot system, vesting, staking and more.


Stake your $NFT token through Niftables to gain long term APR rewards, revenue shares and rewards or stake your tokens on multiple white label platforms in loot giveaways from your favorite creators and brands. The more you stake, the better your chances are to win the loot!


By using the $NFT token, you will receive many benefits such as cash-back, discounts, early access, unique bonuses and more. To give back to the community, the team will also be burning a small amount of tokens from our profits on sales from all purchases on the platform. The more you use the token, the more they burn!


By using the token to purchase NFTs or services you could receive higher chances for rare NFT drops, better NFT merges and unique upgrade rewards. Some lucky users may even receive a bonus monthly $NFT tokens or a unique NFT airdrop from one of their creators or brands!


Top up your $NFT tokens on every white label platform and the Niftables marketplace using a crypto or fiat payment method. You can buy $NFT directly through the platform for fiat thanks to their simple plugin, or purchase the token easily from multiple crypto marketplaces.


Niftables is the first all-in-one NFT technology for creators and brands with a user friendly platform made especially for you newbies who will find it super easy to use. They specialize in creating white label NFT platforms which allows users to take their NFT projects to a whole new level.

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