Centaurify, Rocking the Metaverse

4 min readJan 7, 2022

2021 was a massive year for NFTs. One of the biggest trends to emerge through the NFT season of 2021, and something that will most likely dominate 2022 is the METAVERSE!

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a term that describes a vast network of virtual worlds, that are focused on social interaction between users and services, interacting through a decentralised economic system, for purchasing NFT based assets, like virtual property, items and other digital assets.

Ready Player One, a science fiction novel written by Ernest Cline (also a film), gives a very good idea of the potential of how the metaverse can and probably will evolve, including a myriad of services from educational to e-sports.

The multi-metaverse will have seemless interopability between company, public and player built worlds, all existing in what will be percieved as the same space. Offering perhaps an experience much like current MMO’s such as Eve-Online and No Mans Sky.

The Metaverse can most easly be described as the User Interaction (UI) layer for the web 3.0, aka the Internet of Value.

What is the difference between current virtual worlds and the new Metaverse?

The most important differential between past virtual worlds and the new metaverses, is the economy-of-things.

In previous and most current virtual worlds, the control is in the hands of the developing or production company. Meaning that the participants of said virtual world have to abide to the rules, set by the company that has created it. These virtual worlds are also not interopable. As each universe owner wishes to protect their own revenue and buisness. This means in most cases, that the economy is mostly one way, meaning that if a participant in these universes buys an item or a skin for currency, they cannot resell that item and therefore do not own that item.

In the Metaverse, the participants own the items, skins or whatever digital assets they buy from each other. This is possible through NFT’s, which allocate the ownership rights of these types of digital assets to a single owner, at any given time. This technology also allows the users to take items from one metaverse world, into another. An example of this is the collaboration bewteen Stephen Curry (NBA — Golden State Warrios player) and Underarmor, whom created a NFT shoe item, based on the shoe Stephen wore when he broke the all-time NBA record for thee-point shots.

The most notible metaverses to date are Decentraland and The Sandbox, with most probably, many more to come, with the likes of GALA Games and others gaining traction.

What will people be doing in these vast virtual worlds?

One major social interaction that will definitely be in the metaverse, is concerts. Many high profile musicians are already looking into NFT technology, and how they can interact with the metaverse, such as Steve Aoki, David Guetta, Jay Z and of course, CLMD.

The metaverse gives musicians the opportunity to reach so many more fans in a more interactive manner that wouldn’t be possible with real life concerts. Just imagine what could be possible with the help of Virtual Reality (VR), graphic engines such as Unreal and sound technologies, like Dolby Vision and Atmos. It is going to WILD!

Another factor for having concerts in the Multiverse, has become apparent due to Covid-19. The pandemic has been blocking musicians from what for many, is their biggest source of income, live concerts. In the metaverse we don’t have to worry about pandemics, meaning artists can keep performing as much as they want.

If only there was a NFT music universe, that is interoperable with different metaverses and live music events, providing everyone with a simple and awesome way to enjoy music…

Enter Centaurify, the first NFT eco-system built around musicians, fans concerts and digital merchandise. The metaverse growth is going to mean big things for Centaurify, the musicians and the users inolved. A platform that empowers artists in both the real and virtual worlds. Creating new ways for musicians to do buisness, and bringing them closer to fans. Enabling truly unique experiences for all involved.

Be sure to get involved in the Centaurify community, and not miss out on the biggest journey in live music.

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