Deedy Digital is coming!

2 min readJul 19, 2021


Deedy is an NFT platform running on the Binance Smart Chain where users can trade, rent out, view, buy, sell, enter NFT lotteries, support and connect with creators.

Deedy Digital offers a solution for enabling a unified and secure blockchain ecosystem for digital content creation and exchange.

The concept behind what they propose is simple:

  • Purchase NFTs via the Deedy Market Place.
  • Maintain, support and connect with creators.
  • Host auctions for NFTs.
  • Enter NFT lotteries.
  • Take out loans using NFTs as collateral.
  • Join virtual art galleries.
  • Create and order NFTs.
  • Purchase high-value NFTs created by celebrities and verified artists via the Deedy Launchpad.
  • Rent out NFTs.

The team is believe that their new approach will help tokenize the content creation industry and revolutionize how digital content creators and users connect and interact. As the world’s first cross-chain NFT marketplace, theyhave built a platform for NFTs based on the Binance Smart Chain, designed to enable an unlimited number of content creators and users to buy, sell, rent out, view and trade NFTs at scale with just a few clicks. They give content creators the means to monetize their content while retaining full control of their creations, user interactions and earnings.

By connecting NFT creators with users directly in one marketplace, Deedy facilitates the monetization of ideas through a new decentralized and democratized model. Deedy believes in giving creators access to a global online marketplace, where they can monetize their content. They are establishing a new paradigm for the $300 billion content sector by providing a platform for creators to engage directly with users.

Stay tuned!