Betting is a recreational activity for many. It can be fun and, at the same time, a game of the sharpest minds. But what fun is in a game if, for many reasons, the people who manage and control payouts of wins can be banned or end up delaying payments.

This sends many players away as trust and reliance on numerous online betting platforms has gradually waned. Many users have had their winnings seized, and different government policies have made it cumbersome to enjoy one of the oldest recreational activities in the world.

But as technology evolves, innovations produce new solutions. The era of decentralized finance is gradually emerging. A world where new projects are enveloping the finance, art, music, sport, and betting industries.

Betting dApps are solving traditional issues.

These platforms are being accepted because they solve most of the problems of centralized betting, which means seamless transactions, near-instantaneous payouts, a transparent system, and great anonymity.

Dexsport is the premier betting dApp for players interested in breaking away from traditional online platforms and casinos to a futuristic and future-proof platform. It’s a platform that provides unique opportunities for players who want to bet, and be rest assured that their payouts for winning won’t be delayed or conspicuously taken away.

But how does Dexsport achieve this? How is it different from other popular online platforms?

It’s simple: Dexsport uses its native token, called $DESU, to facilitate all forms of payment and transactions on its platform to help players focus on playing.

If you’re interested in learning more about $DESU, continue reading.

$DESU use cases

Many projects in the DeFi space have adopted the use of native tokens to help ensure that their project runs efficiently. These tokens work as proof that the platform works, and users can trust it to do what it’s assigned to do.

For Dexsport, it’s no different. $DESU serves as the ecosystem native token that helps with transactions, governance, and contributing of liquidity. Here are some ways to utilize $DESU on the Dexsport ecosystem:

  1. Payment:

One of the problems traditional betting platforms have always posed to their patrons is that there’s no convenient and secure way to make payments and collect payouts. $DESU serves as the currency between participants who interact within the ecosystem. It helps to ensure that bookings are properly paid for, and settlements are near-instantaneous.

2. Cashback:

On the platform, holders of DESU tokens earn cashback. The more #DESU tokens you have, the more you can bet. Users can also earn DES awards by positively contributing to the DESU liquidity pool.

3. Governance:

Decentralized platforms are democratic. They allow their users to participate in the development of their platform as they are allowed to vote. Holders of $DES will be allowed to enter the DAO and vote to participate in the platform’s development.

4. Reward system:

A unique utility of the DES token is that holders can reward other users for their contributions. Players can share their predictions and create content in the Dexsport ecosystem. In return, other players can reward them with $DES as a tip to thank them for their work.

5. Liquidity:

Staking of DESU tokens allows you to participate in the distribution of revenue from the common liquidity pool.

6. Development:

Third-party developers can develop DESU infrastructure.

About Dexsport

Dexsport is an innovative project that changes the way users think about betting. The platform is a DeFi prediction platform that includes: sports betting, prediction market, P2P prediction on cryptocurrency rates, and NFT collecting.

The Dexsport ecosystem caters to users interested in betting and to blockchain enthusiasts and investors interested in putting their money in a common liquidity pool.

To learn more about Dexsport, stay updated on all our developments, visit our Website, and join us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TelegramGroup.