Fanfury Contest Pools — Fantasy sports Real-ized

Many decentralized apps look to solve these problems through on-chain transactions, smart contracts to manage pool distribution, as well as crypto payouts.

By integrating decentralized fantasy sports data from multiple oracle sources, directly on-chain, Fanfury is able to ensure that the contests pools are fair and the data being used by the logic in the pools, to compare teams, declare winners, and more, cannot be manipulated.

Large Entry Head v Head and Small Entry Large Contest Pools on Fanfury

Fanfury has two different types of contests, with more contests types planned for upcoming releases. The contest pools are governed by smart contracts that manage the pools themselves, from the creation of the pools to the payout and distribution of winnings.

The contests will have a large payout allocation to participating teams, with ~70% of the teams guaranteed a winning allocation from the prize pool.



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