Introducing PEAKDEFI Protocol

PEAKDEFI is a decentralized, performance-based asset management fund, created to connect investors and asset managers for capital growth.

What is the PEAKDEFI Fund?

Great Opportunity for Investors and Asset Managers

Security Audit of the PEAKDEFI Smart Contract

Benefits for Investors

You are in control of your capital

Autonomous Optimization to achieve the best results

Short Trading Cycles to guarantee a flexible Capital Management

  • 65% of the Profits will be distributed to the investors
  • 15% of the Profits will be distributed to the fund managers
  • 20% of the Profits will be distributed to the affiliates

Opportunity for fund managers

  • How can managers manage the capital of investors in a decentralized environment?
  • How does the distribution of the assets under management (AUM) work?
  • How does the handling of good and bad managers work?
  • How can inactive managers be treated, who block capital to grow?

Decentralized environment

Automated AUM Distribution via Reputation Token

Benefits for fund Managers

What is PEAK Staking?

Bigger Bonus p.a. B(S)

Longer Bonus

Early Factor

Rewards for inviting friends

PEAKDEFI Ethereum Wallet for Android and iOS

  • Create and import (by private keys) an Ethereum wallet
  • Send, receive and track ETH and ERC20 Tokens
  • available in multiple languages
  • QR-Code scan available
  • An integrated DEX (decentralized exchange) is available
  • “WalletConnect” protocol is also implemented for connecting decentralised applications to mobile wallets with QR code scanning or deep linking
  • Buy Cryptocurrencies within our PEAKDEFI wallet app with FIAT through our cooperation with Moonpay

Ecosystem and Tokenomics


Or just visit PEAKDEFI platform and become a part of our community!




Crypto trader

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Crypto trader

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