Introducing WeSleep: Sleep, Earn, Repeat

3 min readOct 6, 2022


As companies continue to shift to Web3, the more decentralised internet that provides greater transparency and personalised experiences, WeSleep is positioning itself as a leading mobile app designed to help users build a more healthier sleep habits as well as encourage to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. While currently in its development phase, WeSleep plans to take sleep tracking to a new level with built-in Game-Fi elements that enable users to earn rewards for healthy sleep habits and completing daily tasks. Aiming to utilise advanced technology and push it to the forefront, the creators of the WeSleep app look forward to bringing something new and exciting to the public, providing individuals with an enjoyable way to prioritise sleep and take better care of themselves.

The App That Rewards You for Sleep time

In a world where many feel the need to stay busy, WeSleep is encouraging others to get more than enough sleep at night to feel well-rested each day.

“Sleep plays a crucial role in an individual’s overall health and wellbeing. A lack of it can cause countless health problems. What we’re doing with WeSleep is encouraging people to track their sleep habits and earn rewards for getting enough rest” shared Vaibhav, Co-Founder of WeSleep. “It’s easy to get started. Users can download the app and purchase one NFT, known as a Sleepie. Acquiring one of these NFTs is as simple as creating an in-app wallet, depositing crypto using the Solana blockchain, and then buying the NFT in-app or through MagicEden / OpenSea. Once users have a Sleepie, they can begin engaging with the application and earn rewards. These NFTs are tradable and may generate more reward depending on different factors, including a user’s sleep cycle, Sleepie’s level and its attributes”

So, what kind of rewards can WeSleep users earn? $ZZZ Tokens, $WEZ Tokens, Moons, and Mystery Boxes are just some of the many prizes individuals can begin collecting when using the app. In addition, individuals can manage and trade the tokens for other cryptocurrencies, generating passive income from sleep cycles.

An Advanced Experience for the Modern World

“They have a lot of people on board to bring this project to fruition, full development team including application, smart contracts, backend and frontend, a TOP 7 NFT artist (Voted on Inspect), co-founders who successfully launched previous crypto projects as well as experienced advisors who are guiding WeSleep into the right direction. We’ve collaborated to bring something innovative and exciting to the forefront, ultimately providing people with a way to collect and earn rewards from something as simple as getting enough rest at night and following a healthy lifestyle. It’s a fun, distinctive opportunity that anyone can get involved in and experience firsthand,” says Povilas Motiejunas, Co-Founder of WeSleep.

Users will have an opportunity to level up nfts and even take advantage of the marketplace, where they can buy and sell Sleepies, mystery boxes, and sleeping pills. It’s an all-around exciting experience for people who want to prioritise healthy sleeping habits because it can keep them motivated and help them earn rewards from something so simple.

While the team members are working around the clock to spread the word and build a solid community, they’re also planning for the start of the private sale, NFT release, and beta testing, all of which will happen in the coming weeks and months. Learn more about WeSleep and what it plans to bring to the table by following the team on their journey via Twitter.

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