Katana Inu — a play2earn battle royale PC-Game & NFT-Marketplace

4 min readJan 10, 2022

Katana Inu is a double-edged revolutionary project that focuses on driving DeFi innovation through its unique game offerings. The Katana Inu platform primarily offers high-end blockchain gaming that combines diverse applications, a real PC Game with NFT equipment, including NFT-staking, charity, and an NFT-marketplace on layer 2. These mechanisms work in unison, creating a self-sustaining token-based ecosystem capable of remitting consistent rewards to all its participants.

Katana Inu PC Game: Battle-Royale + DeFi

Most blockchain games are cheesy browser games that lack depth, quality graphics, and immersive attributes. Katana Inu separates itself from the pack by utilizing premium quality graphics and well-detailed character models to create an immersive blockchain game with play-to-earn mechanisms.

The Katana Inu game comes with different modes, including a battle royale open-world where players can fight and compete to be the last team standing or more competitive 5on5 mode with a smaller map design. Katana Inu translated to Japanese stands for Katana Dog. Therefore, the game characters will be Shiba Inu dog-like humanoids who will fight each other in various tournaments.

Players can select different fighting styles and techniques ranging from martial arts, magic, or even melee. The Katana Inu game also features various pickups and equipable items scattered around the open-world environment, giving players different additional abilities or perks. There is also a Katana Inu plans to organize monthly tournaments to reward the top players with valuable NFTs or tokens.

Katana Inu intends to support the best players and turn them into game celebrities by providing funds for proper streaming equipment, promoting them on Katana Inu’s social media channels, and helping to grow their reach.

The Katana Inu NFT Marketplace

In the Katana Inu game, in-game items are NFTs with varying rarities. They can be equipped, sold, bought, or traded on the Katana Inu NFT marketplace. This is the core of Katana Inu’s play-to-earn mechanics, allowing players to buy or sell in-game items or cosmetics like skins, hats, clothes, or shoes with the platform’s token, $KATA. This enhances the overall gaming experience and helps contribute liquidity to the network.

The NFT marketplace is also open to digital artists and graphic designers who wish to mint their artwork and sell them as NFTs. The revenue accrued from this drive will be re-invested in Katana Inu. This circular economy approach will help increase market capitalization, guarantee trust amongst users, and ensure the longevity of the ecosystem.The Katana Inu team is also planning to build and integrate an eCommerce platform into the Katana Inu ecosystem. This online shop will market and sell Katana Inu-themed merchandise.

Katana Inu: Platform Operation & Tokenomics

The economy of KATANA INU operates through the deployment of its native token, $KATA, in conjunction with well-structured smart contracts and inflation-proof devices to create a healthy token economy. The design of Katana Inu’s tokenomics secures a path for profit creation and guarantees return for investors with Staking-mechanism.

How Katana Inu Maintains A Healthy Token Economy

KATANA INU has in place several mechanisms that guarantee its value does not drop significantly. The profits accrued from the NFT marketplace will be used for buybacks to maintain healthy deflationary prices.

These activities prevent inflation and ensure that the $KATA tokens remain viable far into the future. The Katana Inu platform is committed to smart contract code integrity, transparency, and value substantiation. A reputable blockchain auditor, Certik, has audited Katana Inu. Security features guard Katana Inu against vulnerabilities and ensure that investor’s funds are always safe within the ecosystem.

Charity Goals: Why Katana Inu Is Important

Aside from providing a high-graphics entertaining pc game, Katana Inu also has charitable goals powered by liquidity provision mechanisms baked into the Katana Inu token economy.

The platform’s primary goals focus on:

  • Building self-sustaining clean water supplies in Africa.
  • Helping stray animals with medication, surgeries, feeding, and finding new homes for them.

The Katana Inu Team

Katana Inu was envisioned by a team of German entrepreneurs seeking to combine the powers of DeFi, NFT, and other blockchain derivatives with a solid gaming platform to create an ecosystem that remits real value to its participants. The team consists of 17 individuals working on different aspects of this project to help hit milestones and bring the Katana Inu idea to fruition.

“Why should gamers continue to invest so much time into games without extracting real value for the grind? Katana Inu was the answer to this question. They believe gaming should reward players for investing their time and energy. Their platform embodies this play-to-earn concept by effectively merging DeFi, NFTs, and high graphic gaming to create an entertaining and rewarding experience for gamers.”

- The Katana Inu Team

About Katana Inu⚔️

Katana Inu is a deflationary DeFi token-focused platform and a high-end blockchain gaming application. Katana Inu provides its players with innovative play-to-earn opportunities and an immersive gaming experience. The project seeks to provide value to the world by driving the culture of decentralization and improving awareness of the potential of blockchain technology through its offerings.

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