Loot NFT sites are now together under one roof

The new welcome page of Loot NFT from which anyone can access the various parts of their alternate reality.

Loot NFT is a sprawling ecosystem with 6 sites, including Loot NFT World, Loot Arena, The Fund, Satoshi’s Lounge, X by SL, and HABN.

Below is a brief overview of each site:

Loot Arena — Battle-bidding and LTT mining.

Loot NFT World — View land and stories from their alternate reality.

The Fund — Manage land and revenue-bearing NFTs.

Satoshi’s Lounge — Exclusive item store; purchases only with LTT.

X by SL — High-value auctions.

HABN — Ethereum-based permissioned blockchain.

Today, they brought all of these sites together from a user flow perspective.

They also updated the Loot Arena top menus and footer navigation to cater for the upcoming changes to the site (e.g., the stars arena, the parliament, and other features). Some of the pages will show “Coming Soon.”

Top menus on Loot Arena will show the following icons (a) Profile, (b) Wallet, © Parliament, (d) Stars, and (e) Arena. Submenus will allow you to navigate between the various sections of the site.

If you need further directions or have additional questions, jump in their Telegram group and someone will be happy to help.

Have fun!



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