ManuFactory Developer Updates — Bi-Weekly, Issue #2

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Engineers! Welcome to another issue of Developer Updates, where they share bi-weekly details regarding the status of the project and different areas of ManuFactory.

What is the business and marketing team focusing on now?

As you know, they decided to change their marketing strategy for ManuFactory. Previously they were investing in heavy promotion of the project and what it promises, but now they will be redirecting this approach and reducing marketing activities such as display ads, influencer videos on YouTube, advertising on social networks, etc. until they have a more developed project. Even though the first strategy worked well at the end of 2021, now in 2022 the effects are not the same.

So, what are they working on at the moment?

  • They’re negotiating new partnerships with other blockchain games, guilds, VCs, etc.
  • A new demo of the game will be finished this week to show investors and also aid with partnership deals.
  • They’re creating a calendar with new activities to engage with you, their community. Including ManuFactory-related and other a little more off-topic ones. They’re excited to share this with all of you, so stay tuned!
  • They’re working on a presentation to introduce ManuFactory at a Blockchain Game Alliance event, where their CEO, Jean Curcio, will be the speaker. More updates regarding this will come in the following days.

What else is happening behind the scenes?

As they said in the last issue, a lot of things are happening bts! Here are details regarding some of them:

  • They have a new litepaper! Soon they will be sharing it with you, in the meantime, here is a sneak peek.
  • The developer team has made major advancements in creating the in-game skills for the engineers, polished melee and ranged weapons shooting animations, implemented a new POV camera for the players that makes the gameplay look smoother, among other things.
  • The web developer team keeps working hard on polishing the marketplace, wallet integration with Aurora, land minting + land staking, the website version 2.0, in addition to other things.

Team’s Internal Organization

In future entries of this journal, they would like to present updates regarding the state of progress for features and assets that are prepared by different segments of the team. Today, they would like to introduce the main 3 departments that hold the largest number of members. Each department works like an independent factory, where outputs are engineered from the collaborative work of all its team members, and each role has an important part to play within the department.

Game Developers: A team of game designers and game programmers, specializing in Unity development, tasked with the creation of ManuFactory’s videogames, namely ManuFactory, Inc. and R.A.V.E., the PVP game mode. Game designers are the creative people who define aspects such as gameplay, narration, rules and user interfaces, all through documentation that game programmers then use as guidelines to engineering the game to life. Game programmers are the ones who develop all the in-game physics and mechanics, character and object interactions, graphics, networking, ai, game tools, input processing… it takes huge effort and passion to craft a good videogame!

Web Developers: comprising front end, back end and full-stack web developers, blockchain developers, QA engineers and UI/UX engineers. This technical team is in charge of everything related to ManuFactory’s website, including navigation, UI, blockchain (web3) interactions, DevOps and user features such as $MNFT Loot Staking, Private and Public Land Sales, Item Inventory, Land Staking, Marketplace, and any other features that would provide utilities for ManuFactory’s token and NFT ecosystem. Every feature goes through a process of web design, development, smart contract auditing, performance and security testing, iterating, and productionizing. The team follows the Agile methodology as a management framework.

Video Game Artists: A team of concept artists, animators, riggers, designers, modelers, technical artists, VFX artists and sculptors. This team is responsible for all the visual elements of ManuFactory: characters, scenery, visual effects, etc. From concept art to finalized in-game models, each asset goes through phases including low polys, texturizing, rigging, animation and implementation. Aside from in-game art, this team’s outputs include visual assets for the website, litepaper and other out-of-game assets such as item thumbnails and marketing ads. If the art looks cool or cute, it probably came from this team.

They’re happy with the team working behind ManuFactory. Not only does each member contribute greatly to the project, but there is an understanding among the team which is something rare in many workplaces/projects. Once their website 2.0 is live, you will see all the members there and also be able to access their Linkedin profiles. In the meantime, take a look at the ManuFactory team members they have at the moment:

That’s all for now engineers, but stay tuned for more details and announcements to come!

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