NEONLINK: Redefining WEB3 Gaming

2 min readJul 7, 2023


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Web3 gaming narrative is coming back in the upcoming bull run and it’s going to change the gaming ecosystem with better & innovative games. There’s a project that is positioning itself as the base layer and infrastructure for these games.

So what is Neon Link?

Neon Link is building a comprehensive suite of tools and infrastructure designed to enhance the gaming experience. It includes a blockchain network, a wallet, an exchange, a marketplace, a bridge, digital assets, gaming products, and an SDK for developers to build upon.

Why Neon Link?

The infrastructure to build Web3 games is still in its infancy stage and developers have to figure out everything themselves, with Neon Link devs won’t have to worry about the infrastructure, and can focus on building the right games which fit the market perfectly.

Dedicated Blockchain for gaming

The Neon Link blockchain is designed specifically for gaming, capable of supporting numerous high-throughput applications with an impressive 35k TPS. It offers transparency, security while ensuring a seamless and secure gaming experience.

$NEON, a catalyst for Web3 gaming innovation

The $NEON token will fuel the entire ecosystem it will enable transactions, power applications, and incentivizes participation in the NeonLink ecosystem. $NEON holders will have priority access to new games and products launching on the network.

Wen $NEON?

The whitelist for the token sale is currently live on their website and the sale will start in 7 days. I am excited about Web3 gaming and believe that NeonLink could play a crucial role in the development of the entire gaming ecosystem.

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