NftyPlay Monthly Update: September 2021

3 min readOct 11, 2021

The team is thrilled to share that NftyPlay September was Super fun as it not only helped them inch closer to their mission but contributed to overall platform growth with different accomplishments. If you missed any of their official updates, this September monthly review has everything you need to know. From their community growth to significant developments, it covers everything that transpired in the last 30 days.

So without further ado, let’s delve deeper into NftyPlay September!

Xplorers Partnership

This month, they joined forces with one of the most advanced protocols, Xplorers, a platform and community for curious minds who are always willing to explore and discover different and unexplored avenues of blockchain. Xplorers is the perfect place for artists as it has a collection of generative art avatars that will cater to the interest of Nftyplay’s community.

Read more about this partnership here.

NftyPlay MVP V2 Release

Thanks to an ever-expanding and highly supportive community and determined team members, they successfully released NftyPlay MVP V2 this month. It was an outstanding achievement for them which has helped their platform grow and the community expand significantly. The NftyPlay MVP V2 is their revamped version of the first with enhanced UI/UX that will ensure a superior and more simplified experience for their users.

LP Staking Program with Roseon Finance

To celebrate Nftyplay’s partnership with Roseon Finance, they released a collaborative LP staking program with a double dose of rewards. This brand new program allowed users to earn both $POLO and $ROSN tokens in one single pool by following a few simple steps. The program was a grand success, thanks to their amazingly supportive and enthusiastic community.

NftyPlay Community Quiz

The team is ensures the best experience and a fun-filled stay for users at NftyPlay. They always try to bring exciting events and activities for the community to keep the fun flow fresh and alive for all. This time, they organized a Community Quiz with a reward pool, $500 $POLO tokens, for 10 lucky winners. As always, the community performed wholeheartedly, which enabled them to conclude the program successfully on September 30.

NftyPlay Receives Polygon Development Grant

They are proud to state that NftyPlay is performing exceptionally well with everyday accomplishments, which are well appreciated and recognized in the industry. Such growth has helped them attain various successes in their journey, and the latest achievement for us is receiving Polygon Development Grant. It will remarkably support the further development and launch of NftyPlay on Polygon.

Featured Story

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That’s all for this month. But there are a lot more on our plate for October. So, stay tuned for an Outstanding October with NftyPlay.

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