PEAKDEFI Successfully launched

2 min readFeb 18, 2021

It is almost 3 weeks ago, that we launched PEAKDEFI protocol and it has been a real success so far!

PEAKDEFI is a decentralized, performance-based asset management fund, created to connect investors and asset managers for capital growth.

“The vision of PEAKDEFI is to enable everybody on the planet to grow their wealth, no matter what position they are in at the moment.

We want to provide a decentralized investment gateway that is easy to use and accessible for millions of people to shape their future. That’s the mission at PEAKDEFI.”

We have published a very long and detailed introduction article about our PEAKDEFI platform which you can read here.

Screenshot from the PEAKDEFI protocol website on December 28th

Almost half a million USD have been invested into the PEAKDEFI fund and more than 15 million PEAK token have been secured in our staking contract.
We call this a huge success within this short time!
We have just started doing some marketing campaings and applying for listings on different DeFi ranking websites, so we expect the project to keep growing faster from now on.

Screenshot of the PEAKDEFI global fund information page

As you can see, the PEAKDEFI fund is currently 21.87% in profits after just 3 weeks. The fund managers (Traders) have been very succesful so far. Since our PEAKDEFI protocol is a performance based asset management fund, the more succesful traders will be rewarded with bigger assets under management and the bad traders will have less AUM for their trading. That guarantees that our PEAKDEFI protocol will keep seeing those nice green price changes.

PEAKDEFI´s presentation on

A few decentralized finance ranking websites have successfully integrated PEAKDEFI already. The graphic above shows the presentation on and there are others publications on as well.

If you have any recommendations or feedback for our PEAKDEFI protocol platform, you can always contact us via telegram or discord.

So stay tuned for more updates, which will come very soon!