Phaver | $10,000 Phaver $GOV Tokens Giveaway for 50 Winners!

1 min readMay 8, 2022

Phaver is the top Share-to-earn decentralized social platform

Help them curate the most interesting stuff online and offline and get rewarded. Phaver DAO will share a majority of the platform ownership with the users who are actually creating the value.

They’re giving away $10,000 of Phaver $GOV tokens to 50 Winners

Most points accrued:

  • 1st Winner: $350​ Phaver $GOV tokens
  • 2nd Winner: $250 Phaver $GOV tokens
  • 3rd-10th Winners: $200 Phaver $GOV tokens
  • + 40 Winners randomly selected will get $200 Phaver $GOV tokens each!

Please note that the prizes will be distributed after TGE.

Join by going through the steps below for a chance to be one lucky winner. Don’t forget to refer your friends. The more you refer, the higher you rank!

Good luck!

Ways to Enter:

  1. Join their Discord Community
  2. Follow @phaverapp on Twitter
  3. Retweet @phaverapp on Twitter
  4. Join @phaverdao on Telegram
  5. Join @PhaverAnnouncements on Telegram
  6. Download their app (IOS or Android )

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