Phaver Detailed User Guide

11 min readAug 12, 2022


Phaver is a new generation social media application that aims to bring Web2 dynamics to Web3, and can easily adapt users who have no idea about Web3 to Web3 by acting as a Web2–3 bridge.

First Access to Phaver

Phaver app can be downloaded from Play Store or App Store.

It will ask for a code for login, the code is EARLYBIRD (you can also enter with the reference of your friends, you don’t have to use the EARLYBIRD code, your Phaver username is your reference code, also if you change your username, your reference code still remains your first username)

You can register to the application by mail, as well as by gmail and facebook. By clicking on “SIGN UP USING MAIL”, you are registering with your e-mail address and the password you set. Then you should complete reCaptcha bot protection.

After completing, you enter the Name and Surname you want to appear in the application, click Next, specify a user name, click Next, set a profile picture, allow the application by selecting the camera, take a random photo and upload it to the system, you can change the photo later in the application. You click on “Let’s gooooo!”. Some devices may get stuck, if your screen does not change within 10 seconds, you need to press the back button on the top left and click forward again.

When you first open the application, it asks you to choose the topics you are interested in, you can choose a few topics that you like. The profile panel of the first opened account is as follows.

Sometimes there may be problems with application updates or log out. In case of problems, it is necessary to uninstall and reinstall the application. When you first open the application, it will ask you for a code again, after typing the EARLYBIRD code, “Joined us already? You can log in to the application by clicking on “Log in” and filling in the required information. In addition, if you have forgotten your password, the “Forgot your password?” You can click on the section that says and write and send the e-mail you registered with. A reset e-mail will be sent to your e-mail.

Editing the Profile

When we come to the Profile panel, you can see your profile photo on the top left, and your Name Surname, Phaver username and Lens Profile on the right. You can also see your Phaver points, number of followers and the number of users you follow. When you click on the section that says More, you can see the explanations you can add in the settings and your social media accounts that you want to appear. You can also see the information in which month you joined the application at the top. You can edit your profile in two different ways: first, by clicking on the “EDIT” text under your profile picture or by clicking on the settings logo in the upper right, and then clicking “Edit” on the screen that open. You can also go to the application settings from this screen, as well as log out of your account.

When you come to the profile editing screen, you can change your display name and username. In addition, we can write the section about you and your website, if any, that you want to add here. When you come to the bottom, you see the social media that you can edit with your location information. You can also add your profiles in 10 different social media by saying “EDIT”.

Discover Panel

When we come to the Discover panel, you can see the search section, the topics and the profiles that are trending that day. Also, at the bottom of this tab, you have an invitation link where you can invite your friends. You can automatically copy your link by clicking on it.

When you come to the subject headings, as you can see, 5 different topics are gathered under the name of “Premium topics”. The topics under it are the most shared topics that day. You can click on the + sign next to which topics you want to see in your feed (Feed menu). After waiting for a few seconds, when the green tick mark lights up, that topic will be added to your stream. You can also remove the topics that you do not want to see in your stream in the same way.

By clicking on the search section, you can also search for the topic you want and add it to your stream. You can search for other users by selecting “PEOPLE” as you can search for topic titles. You can either type a username directly or find other users by searching for the names that appear in Phaver. Another detail is that when you click on the menu at the top right (lines below) in your feed (feed menu), you can see the topics you selected as your favorites in order under the “Your Topics” panel.

If you need to examine the feed menu, you can see your daily stakes (1), which are 5 per day, in the upper left. In the part with the lens logo (2), you can choose whether the lens pool content or the content shared on the phaver can be seen in your stream (we will talk about the details). With the stream filtering option (3) located under the lens logo, you can choose what content you want to see in your stream. There are 3 options. If you click on the first option “my follows”, only the people you follow. If you click on the second option “Lens posts”, if you click on the users whose Lens profile is connected with Phaver in Phaver. If you click on the third option “none”, there is a mechanism where you can see all the content according to the topics you choose. It appears in the section that says “Filter by: None”, which says which one you have at the top. If you select “my follows”, “Filter by: My follows” will appear there.

Another important issue is Phaver and Lens content separation. If the Lens logo (2) at the top right of the application is white, the stream, where you can see only the content shared on Phaver, is active. If you click on the logo, it will turn green and at that time you will see the shared pool of all Lens Protocol contracted applications (Lenster, Phaver, Iris etc.). If you link your Lens profile to your Phaver profile, you can comment and interact with the contents here. If your lens profile is not connected to Phaver, you can only see the stream. If you want to go back to the Phaver feed, just click the logo again and it will be white when you click it.

Interacting with other contents

Let’s see what interactions you can leave on posts shared by other users. First, you can stake (1) on a post due to the “Share to Earn” model on which the application is built. We have 5 stakes per day. When you stake a post, the owner of the post you staked gets points. Likewise, you will earn points as you get stakes for the posts you share. That’s why it’s important to share quality and interesting posts. Upvote and downvote (2) voting on the far right is also an interaction tool that contributes to the visibility of the shared content. If you don’t like the post or think it doesn’t follow the community guidelines, you can use the downvote to the right of +1. If you like the content, you can use the upvote to the left of +1. You can use this voting tool while navigating your stream when you run out of 5 stakes per day. Another interaction tool is to leave some emojis (3) on the content. You can see more emojis by clicking the general emoji logo on the right panel. You can use 3 of the emojis in posts such as incorrect/spam/violation of community rules/wrong topic.

Commenting option (4) on the far left, which is another and important interaction tool. Once you click, you can see the comments in the panel that opens. When you click “reply” again, the comment panel opens. You can also comment on any comment you want with the layered comment option.

Another important feature is the “mirror” feature (5) that came with the 5.9.67 update. You can reshare any post you want. When you click to mirror, a menu opens first asking which topic you want to share the post with. After choosing the topic we want to share, For users whose lens profile is connected, at the bottom, you select the option to share this content in the Lens pool as well. In addition, if you think you have chosen the wrong topic, you can click the X next to the topic title to go to the previous menu and change the subject title. When you say POST, the previous post will be mirrored.

In addition, you can report the posts that you think are violating the rules by clicking the 3 dots (6) on the top right of the posts and selecting “Report” and explaining why they violate the rules in English.

About posting

You can share a post by clicking the “+ Post” option in the bottom middle. When you click, two different panels appear: you write the description we want to share on the top panel, and paste the link of the web2 content we want to share on the bottom panel. You do not have to share a ready-made content, you can leave your url part blank. You can also share a photo, location, a product or an application you like by clicking the “+ Add to post” option at the bottom.

For example, you wanted to share an Instagram post, you wrote our description, you click on the “next” button on the top right and we come to the topic selection screen. Make sure you choose the right topic. After selecting the topic, you can select the option “Shall this content also be shared in the Lens pool” at the bottom for users with Lens profiles connected, and you can share your post by clicking “POST” in the upper right.

I think one of the most important issues is language and topic. If you want to share content in Turkish, you need to write the subject manually as follows: Turkish: Crypto or Turkish: Airdrop or Turkish: NFT. If you do not write in this way or if the topic is Crypto content, it means you are breaking the rules. Also, for example, you chose the topic Phaver but you posted bitcoin chart. It means you are violating the rules again from the wrong topic. You also receive a short-term warning when you come across moderators in the app.

Another important topic is PREMIUM TOPICS. Sharing on topics with a star next to them loses 50 points, but the stakes for the posts on those topics also bring more points than a normal content. Let’s say you have 1000 points, you choose a premium topic and your 50 points are gone, you have 950 points left, even if you delete the post you shared, 50 points are not returned to you, so let’s choose the topics carefully. Also, when you delete a post, you lose all the points you earned from that post.

The general content guidelines are as follows:

- You should choose the right topic, if you are not sure about the topic, you can share by selecting the Random topic.

- If you are going to produce content in Turkish, you have to write the subject manually, Turkish: Crypto or Turkish: Airdrop . This issue will not be in the future, unfortunately it has been like this for a while.

- Forbidden content, hate speech, NSFW content (with violence and sexuality), impersonation, fake and spam content are strictly prohibited