Play-to-Earn Games and How They Work In a World of Cryptocurrency

Play-to-earn games have been a life changer since the pandemic situation. In years when people lost their jobs or businesses due to the pandemic, play-to-earn games bring a tiny ray of hope to their doorsteps.

Being a recent trend, play-to-earn games have brought a big impact for people around the world. It has changed gaming from a form of entertainment to a new job field and an educational platform. Designed with NFT (Non-Fungible Token) which plays a big role in games, play-to-earn blockchain games have enabled players to trade these NFTs using the cryptocurrency technology. With this, they can earn real-life money by playing games. If you still can’t grasp how gaming can be economically beneficial, we can take an example from the Philippines, a country in which a play-to-earn game has gained popularity and even provides food on people’s tables. As the pandemic hit greatly on the economy of the country, a lot of people can still survive due to the money they earn in play-to-earn games.

Today, we’ll take a look into Eizper Chain, a newly developed play-to-earn game. Eizper Chain is a fantasy and steampunk adventure game. It is perfect for gamers who love fantasy RPG or ARPG games. As it is an adventure game, you’ll be entertained with a fun and mysterious story while also making ends meet. Earning money with play-to-earn games is really simple because you only need a phone or a gadget and internet connection to start. You can hone your skills while you play and raise your level.

Play-to-earn games are also different from casual gaming because besides thinking of a strategy to succeed in the game, you will also need to learn on how to succeed in trading the NFTs. In blockchain gaming, every NFT is unique and none is similar to another. You can have fun collecting rare NFTs and take pride in them or sell them for economical purposes. In Eizper Chain itself, you can buy items like weapons and potions as NFT and the price would range based on their value and rarity. The prices of NFTs for some play-to-earn games also got a high raise due to the high demand, so blockchain gaming surely provides a promising chance for players who come to pay their bills. This way, blockchain gaming also comes up with educational purposes to educate players about cryptocurrency and its techniques. As it is a game fully controlled by the players, it is fully safe and transparent because players take a big part in controlling the market and they also get a big share from the trading.

Play-to-earn games are like a long-lost dream, too good to be true. Now people can earn money while doing things that they love and train their skills in a fun way. The gaming community has changed and become more profitable rather than excessive, and blockchain gaming has brought a fresh breath of air to the modern world, as though we’re slowly stepping into the future when more dream jobs like this would be seen as a normal full-time job.




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