PunkPanda App Review: Get Paid Every 30 Minutes by Just Chatting with Friends Using PunkPanda Messaging App

4 min readApr 6, 2022


Imagine chatting with friends all day long, you can do video calls, audio calls, send photos and transfer files just like what you always do using apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, and many others. While doing so, you are also earning a Crypto or Token that has already value and you receive some amount of it every 30 minutes.

And since you’re excited about it, you can’t afford to share it with your friends. And the more you share it, the more people are getting excited about having it on their phones, and the more people are using it, the more money you are making every day. And the best part is, IT’S ALL FREE!

Yes, that’s what exactly PunkPanda Messaging App is all about. But not only that, once you are on board with the PunkPanda project, there are tons and tons of amazing stuff that you can benefit from. In fact, PunkPanda Messaging App is just one of their products. Soon in the future, there will be a massive crowd heading into this platform wishing to get in.

What PunkPanda Messaging APP is All About

As mentioned above PunkPanda Messaging App, is the latest and the hottest app that can be used for chatting, video calling, voice calling, sending photos and files just like what we usually do using various messaging apps that we already installed on our phone. But the most interesting part with this App is that we will get paid by just using and sharing it.

This new messaging app is not only designed to provide an additional pile of Apps on Google Play and the App Store. Its core value is to minimize if not totally eliminate communication risk via the Internet when it comes to privacy and data security. As is claimed, PunkPanda Messaging App is the world’s first secure messaging app with military-grade encryption protocols that protect users’ privacy and security.

There’s a valid reason for everyone to download and install this Messaging App on their phones. One is the idea that at some point, our personal information collected by online platforms when we register an account is sometimes used for our own benefit without our knowledge and that’s a clear form of abuse which anyone could be a victim these days.

Facebook, for example, the moment you created an account, get engaged with FB Pages and Groups, Facebook then knows what you are up to, what are your interests, and you could be the best target for products advertised on Facebook related to what you are getting engaged in. In short, Facebook has been selling its users to its advertisers to make billions of dollars.

But with PunkPanda Messaging App, this case can be reduced. And the best part is, while just using this app on a daily basis for communication, everyone will be earning some amount of income in a form of a PPM Token that is convertible to BNB. That part is something that has never been done before.

What PunkPanda Project is and Their Future Products

PunkPanda Messaging App is just one of the products brought into the public by the people behind the PunkPanda Project. Soon, in the future, they also have to launch something BIG and everyone using the Internet needs it.

Let me elaborate more on what’s on the list above:

  • PunkPanda Messaging App Pro Version — A much-awaited and advanced version of the PunkPanda Messaging App for safe and secure online communication. It is a military-grade encrypted communication app created with the primary goal of protecting you and your content. Addressing the top two concerns in people’s online life — personal privacy and data security. Mega File Transfer feature allowing a 200MB to be sent ( 15–20 Minute Video ).
  • Panda Post — is a secure file transfer service protected by its encrypted messaging agent. Their tracking, radar, and zap functions allow you to stay in full control even allowing you to terminate content, long after it’s been sent. There’s also an option to upgrade to a Panda-Pro subscription using PunkPanda Tokens to access VIP services.
  • Panda Meet — is an encrypted user-friendly video conferencing room with proprietary peer-to-peer technology that protects you during your HD quality meetings. The service optimizes the number of participants and advises on maximal security numbers. There are no call duration restrictions.
  • Panda Vault — is a decentralized storage protocol that adheres to the “one owner, one key” principle. This shattered glass storage system secures your files in a way in which you and only you can access your personal data.
  • Panda Profit — Secure digital wallet. Defi (Decentralized Finance) allows you to lend your cryptocurrency. Earn exciting profits from the interest as the lender & profits from all Defi transaction fees. Earn profits from staking PunkPanda tokens.
  • Panda Play — A PunkPanda gaming Platform that provides a perfect “play to earn” opportunity for gamers. PandaPlay NFT marketplace will allow users to buy & sell in-game digital items. The NFT market globally has exploded to US$2.5 Billion in the first half of 2021. The global online gaming industry in 2020 was valued at US$130 Billion.

And the point behind all of these is that the PPM Token mentioned above- the one rewarded to us by just using the PunkPanda Messaging App will be also used to avail the products and services listed above. In short, it is their main utility coin, and using it could cause the value of that PPM Token to rise over time. And that is where and how everyone makes tons of money from this whole idea.

PunkPanda project is an integration of Blockchain Technology, Decentralized Communication, Defi, and other ideas that are popping out in the Cryptocurrency Industry these days.