PunkPanda App Review: Get Paid Every 30 Minutes by Just Chatting with Friends Using PunkPanda Messaging App

What PunkPanda Messaging APP is All About

What PunkPanda Project is and Their Future Products

  • PunkPanda Messaging App Pro Version — A much-awaited and advanced version of the PunkPanda Messaging App for safe and secure online communication. It is a military-grade encrypted communication app created with the primary goal of protecting you and your content. Addressing the top two concerns in people’s online life — personal privacy and data security. Mega File Transfer feature allowing a 200MB to be sent ( 15–20 Minute Video ).
  • Panda Post — is a secure file transfer service protected by its encrypted messaging agent. Their tracking, radar, and zap functions allow you to stay in full control even allowing you to terminate content, long after it’s been sent. There’s also an option to upgrade to a Panda-Pro subscription using PunkPanda Tokens to access VIP services.
  • Panda Meet — is an encrypted user-friendly video conferencing room with proprietary peer-to-peer technology that protects you during your HD quality meetings. The service optimizes the number of participants and advises on maximal security numbers. There are no call duration restrictions.
  • Panda Vault — is a decentralized storage protocol that adheres to the “one owner, one key” principle. This shattered glass storage system secures your files in a way in which you and only you can access your personal data.
  • Panda Profit — Secure digital wallet. Defi (Decentralized Finance) allows you to lend your cryptocurrency. Earn exciting profits from the interest as the lender & profits from all Defi transaction fees. Earn profits from staking PunkPanda tokens.
  • Panda Play — A PunkPanda gaming Platform that provides a perfect “play to earn” opportunity for gamers. PandaPlay NFT marketplace will allow users to buy & sell in-game digital items. The NFT market globally has exploded to US$2.5 Billion in the first half of 2021. The global online gaming industry in 2020 was valued at US$130 Billion.



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