RacewayX Audit Report

2 min readMar 10, 2022

Hello RacewayX Racers,

The team proud to announce the completion of their Audit report by @solidgroup

Click the link to get the full details: https://audits.solidgrp.io/racewayx/

The audit report was carried out by Solid Group. Solid Group is a blockchain consulting and auditing service provider founded by cybersecurity experts with a great passion for the cryptocurrency world. They are known for their exceptional out-of-the-box thinking, experience, and credibility amongst their community. They work with leading companies in the field, helping the companies increase their resilience through tailored services and solutions.

The auditing process was done to provide :

Secured liquidity listing by taking proactive measures against unwelcome threats and provides your investors with an unbiased environment. Their underlying structure was thoroughly reviewed and a full report explored all vulnerabilities, providing us with a well-tailored approach to mitigate any threat.

ABOUT RacewayX

Raceway X is a play-to-earn car racing game where players and participants own parts of the game. Players buy cars and can level them up with upgrades like better engines, exhaust and nitro. To race, players buy gas at a gas station and then enter an upcoming race. The total of all the gas bought per race makes up the reward pool. All ownable parts of the game are in the form of verifiably owned NFTs.

The global gaming industry is currently worth 180 billion dollars, labeled the fastest growing form of entertainment. We aim to maximize this opportunity by providing players with a real-world gaming experience while delivering value to holders and eliminating the limitations inherent to blockchain games.


🔗 Website (https://racewayx.com/)

📄 Whitepaper (https://racewayx.com/assets/2021/12/racewayx-whitepaper-v2.pdf)

▶️ Gameplay WIP (https://youtu.be/AO0otsqNddo)

🌎 NFT Testnet (https://testnets.opensea.io/collection/racewayx-metaverse)

🐧 Twitter (https://twitter.com/RacewayXMeta)

💬 Telegarm (https://t.me/RaceWayXMetaverse)