The rise in the popularity of NFTs has resulted in the rapid growth of a new segment of games called “play-to-earn”. The taem bring to you, a free global platform to play hundreds of Play-to-Earn games, connecting gamers, games, and guilds worldwide.

NFTs become in-game characters and allow players to earn in-game tokens for their participation. In developing economies, a day’s worth of gameplay can enable a player to earn substantially more than a living wage, leading to massive growth in these localities. However, these games require the purchase of prohibitively expensive NFTs to play. This prevents many players from participating let alone being able to try multiple games. Even with solutions like guilds, they still failed to solve a few fundamental problems.

Guilds don’t allow you to play with your own NFTs. They don’t provide access for everyone, and they don’t give you the ability to easily play other games.

That’s why we built Rainmaker Games — the first free global platform where the world can play hundreds of play-to-earn games with our NFT’s or with their own. You can play, earn, learn, and connect on a level like never before, all while earning 30% more than the global avg. Powered by a token-based economy, we’re building the largest player platform on the planet. Play-to-earn gaming just found a home.

Why Rainmaker Games?

The P2E industry has exploded in popularity and is only continuing to grow. The idea of earning money by playing games has energized the world and brings hope to give people financial freedom across the planet. Sadly, with the hope of P2E came to a lot of barriers to entry. The cost to play is high, learning about it is confusing, and access to guilds is limited and in high demand.

What is Rainmaker Games?

The free global platform to play hundreds of P2E games — connecting gamers, games, and guilds worldwide.

We saw the opportunity to build an access point — a free portal to the P2E world that allows everyone a chance to play, earn, learn, and connect like never before. Gamers of all levels will get to seamlessly switch between games, manage earnings, chat, and learn — all within our platform.

This platform will host 3 tiers of gameplay to ensure an evenly matched and positive gaming experience. Entry-level gamers will start with non-NFT based games, then they can level up to NFT based games where mid-level players will enter. High-level players will be in our third tier of gameplay where you can opt to be Guild Verified. This is the first central verification step for gamers to get ranked and scored for premiere scouting from top guilds.

Who is it built for?

Connecting Gamers, Games, and Guilds.

The team is building the largest global player platform and in turn, the largest P2E data powerhouse. They will become a central hub and launchpad for games, plus an invaluable data source for guilds to build better data-backed teams. They will in turn use the data to drive a flawless user interface. They’ll tailor each individual player’s UI to games that match their interest and skill level, as well as paired video training content. For the first time, Play-to-Earn gaming has a home.

About Rainmaker Games

Their story starts this past July and like everyone reading this, the P2E space had seriously peaked our curiosity. They dove in and built a guild that took off as the with over 1200 players, 21,000 discord members, over $700k in monthly revenue. They loved growing the guild and community but their vision for Rainmaker Games was much bigger.

They’ve spent the last year immersing ourselves in the industry and building a solution and home for the P2E world — now backed by respected investors and partners, and most importantly — their active, engage and healthy community.

Welcome to the future of P2E Gaming.

Welcome to Rainmaker Games.

Let’s Make it Rain.

Will Deane: Founder

Victor Tan: Co-Founder

Joe Brottman: Chief Creative Officer

Jonathan Kennell: Chief Technology Officer




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