Sheesha Finance Partner Project: Pieme

What Is Pieme?

  • A social media-like platform called Pies, which is the main section of the Pieme platform. Here, Pieme’s community of food providers, known as Piemates, can share updates with those following them.
  • The ability for Piemates to host others by turning their home into a part-time restaurant or event place on Pieme.
  • A chat option for people to speak to Piemates and provide specific details of their food orders.
  • A truly communal and authentic food experience without going through middlemen (i.e.: restaurants, food delivery businesses) and their added costs.
  • Order low-cost food
  • Connect with others easily during a meal
  • Earn rewards for hosting those who crave your cuisine

A Word From Their CEO

Buy and Stake $SHEESHA to Earn Pieme Tokens



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