Sheesha Finance Partner Project: Pieme

Today, they at Sheesha Finance are delighted to partner with another promising blockchain project. This time we’re partnering with Pieme, a platform creating a network of food lovers and food creators.

They believe this is a truly appetizing partnership. So, without further ado (and without further puns… hopefully), let’s learn more about Pieme and their partnership.

Ready? Let’s dig in (okay, last one).

What Is Pieme?

Pieme (pronounced “Pie Me”) serves as a forum for people to connect over their shared passion for authentic, home-cooked regional cuisine. It draws people together, fostering kinder, more cohesive communities. Whenever you’re travelling anywhere in the world, Pieme allows you to find that meal that reminds you of home.

Pieme’s vision is to create a world where communities are connected, empowered, and free. Where cultures and cuisine merge through the edge of your fingertips.

Some of Pieme’s great features include:

  • A social media-like platform called Pies, which is the main section of the Pieme platform. Here, Pieme’s community of food providers, known as Piemates, can share updates with those following them.
  • The ability for Piemates to host others by turning their home into a part-time restaurant or event place on Pieme.
  • A chat option for people to speak to Piemates and provide specific details of their food orders.
  • A truly communal and authentic food experience without going through middlemen (i.e.: restaurants, food delivery businesses) and their added costs.

Essentially, Pieme allows you to:

  • Order low-cost food
  • Connect with others easily during a meal
  • Earn rewards for hosting those who crave your cuisine

Interactions on the Pieme platform are made possible through the PIE token on the BSC(Binance Smart Chain) blockchain.

The Pie Token is Pieme’s only payment option, allowing users to order meals, purchase event tickets, and pay for advertising expenses at a reduced rate.

While transacting on Pieme’s convenient platform, $PIE allows users to benefit from savings, cheap transaction costs, privacy, security, and rewards.

A Word From Their CEO

“The partnership with Pieme is one that I’m excited about. I’m looking forward to seeing the platform grow and go truly global in the coming years. It’s a fascinating solution to a particular problem. One that I believe many around the world would love to try out. I know I certainly will.” — Sheesha Finance CEO, Saeed Al Darmaki

Buy and Stake $SHEESHA to Earn Pieme Tokens

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