Sheesha Finance Project Partner: SolanaPrime

What Does That All Mean?

A Few Words From Their CEO

About SolanaPrime

  • Idle Tier Capital: Most launchpads suffer from a lack of secondary markets for pre-money allocations. The only way for investors to make a high return on capital intensive tiers is to partake in every IDO and hope for significant capital appreciation during the liquidity event.
  • Launchpad Niches: While a large ecosystem already exists on Ethereum, many investors want a launchpad that is interoperable with many different chains so that they can access each market and are not restricted to one chain.
  • Poor Tier Economics: Most launchpads follow the same formula for tiers, not trying to solve the problem of predatory tier structures that are not capital efficient.
  • Lack of Financial Instrument Innovation: Conventional launchpads are prone to extreme volatility from the underlying assets. Instead of innovating with creative financial instruments to reduce volatility, many launchpads only offer flat price swaps and use trivial price discovery mechanisms.
  • Fallacies of Centralized Governance: The only way to disrupt the traditional markets is to empower the community and democratize the pre-money funding pipeline. SolanaPrime has found the solution to democratize pre-money funding without destroying the incentives.

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