Sheesha Finance Spotlight on Gaimin

Today’s Sheesha Finance spotlight is on their partner, Gaimin.

Gaimin harnesses the dormant computing power of millions of gamers worldwide to create the world’s largest distributed supply of processing power.

Read on to learn more about their partner.

What Is Gaimin?

Gaimin allows users to generate passive income for free. Image via Gaimin

Gaimin looks to power the metaverse and gamers everywhere as the protocol connects 1.5 billion gaming PCs. This is in order to instantly identify and deploy profitable use of each users’ computational power. All whilst providing revenue that is shared as rewards to users.

A recent article published in The Economist highlighted that the most valuable resource in the world is no longer oil. It is, in fact, data. Yet, the processing power needed to process this data is running low.

In an interview at the World Economic Forum in 2019, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke about how the world is running out of computing power. Ultimately, this is one of the drivers behind why this has become such a valuable resource.

The traditional scaling solution to supply more computing processing power has been for tech giants to build multi-billion-dollar data centres. Which leave scars on Earth’s landscape and a large carbon footprint, being less than eco-friendly.

Microsoft CEO warns that the world is running out of computing power. Image via Mobile Marketing Magazine

Essentially, anyone who runs a high-powered computer is sitting on a highly valuable source of unused computing power. This can now be unlocked and users can profit passively through the Gaimin protocol.

Sounds Complex, How Does This Work?

Easy! Users install the Gaimin application on their computers and allow artificial intelligence to take over. The application runs in the background and does not affect the computer performance in any way.

Gaimin’s mission is to provide passive autonomic monetisation for gamers and become the “Uber” of processing power. Passively monetising a gamer’s high powered computer resources when it is not in use and rewarding them with the purchasing power to fund their gaming experience.

Users can be further incentivised to refer their friends and online communities to take part in the network expansion program. They are then rewarded with an ongoing 10% of the hash power contribution of anyone that they refer. By simply referring 10 other gamers and friends, users can double their hash contribution and rewards.

Users can get started in four easy steps. Image via Gaimin

Gamers as Gaimin Users

Gamers invest in their gaming hardware to maximise their gaming experience. Of the 1.5 billion gamers on the planet, it is estimated that 400 million of them utilise advanced GPUs (graphics processing cards). These GPUs are so powerful that Jensen Huang, the founder, president and CEO of Nvidia stated that “every gamer has a supercomputer in their PC.”

Because the gaming industry is massive and growing at an exponential rate, gamers are the ideal demographic to benefit from Gaimin. They already have all the supplies needed to get started. It is estimated that gamers only use their PCs for gaming around 20% of the day. Meaning that these high-powered resources are sat idle for most of the day. Providing the perfect opportunity for passive monetisation.

By leaving the PCs connected to the internet, the Gaimin processing power supply network can allow processing power to be aggregated into the system. Ready for monetisation.

The Opportunity Is Massive!

Blockchain technology has the ability to decentralise many of the infrastructures and systems that make up their daily lives. They already have the framework built for decentralised systems. Whether this be:

  • Internet through protocols like the Helium Network
  • Supply chain logistics networks through projects like Authentium
  • Medical and health care through projects like Aimedis

And now Gaimin is looking to decentralise data processing systems.

Here is a list of just some of the markets with a massive demand for globally distributed processing power:

Some of the markets that will have a massive demand for processing power. Image via Gaimin’s Whitepaper

Gaimin Platform Functional Components

App Download and Installation

The Gaimin platform is built for scale, compatibility and is future-proofed. The download and installation of the Gaimin platform are easy and follows known gaming standards. Users can rest assured knowing that it is secure. Users can download the platform from and from referral links sent by users.

AI Monetization, GPU Processing Aggregation and Blockchain Mining

The AI selects the most optimal crypto to mine using machine learning. It continually learns and improves the most optimal selection. AI expansion is designed to maximise processing power aggregation.

GMRX Passive Rewards and Wallet

GMRX rewards are passively achieved within minutes of installing the platform. The Gaimin wallet safely holds all $GMRX and $USDC rewards along with NFT gaming assets.

Gaimin Marketplace and Community

The Gaimin Marketplace allows gamers to buy, sell, or trade their in-game assets. Integration tools also allow gamers to design, use, and trade NFTs. While the Gaimin shop provides a place for gamers to buy and sell other in-game accessories and merchandise. The Gaimin community will be able to grow and thrive through peer-to-peer interactions.

The Gaimin Mobile App

The Gaimin mobile application is built on Electron, comparable to Slack, WhatsApp and Discord. Apart from mining, the Gaimin mobile app will have identical functionality to the PC platform with views of mining data available on the mobile app in the future.

Gamer Entertainment

The Gaimin community will enjoy a menu of classic gaming entertainment through integrations with well-known games such as Minecraft.

Gaimin Multiverse

Interoperability will allow gamers to use NFTs within multiple games. Gaimin aims to create its own multiverse “Mult,” to support digital asset ownership, rent and sales. The Gaimin universe will integrate with other universes to create the Gaimin multiverse.

Unreal Engine Infrastructure

Gaimin is developing the first and only infrastructure for Unreal Engine. This will allow developers to instantly offer their users:

  • A custom metaverse
  • Token economy
  • Interoperable NFTs
  • And an automated computational power buyback system

This enables developers to:

  • A truly unique and personalised relationship with their community
  • Their own rewards ecosystem.

The GMRX Token and Rewarding the Gamer

Active users receive rewards in Gaimin’s native token $GMRX. The token will provide value to the users through its direct multifaceted utility functions within the Gaimin platform.

GMRX is the blockchain-based internal utility token for exclusive use on the Gaimin PC gaming platform. It enhances users’ gaming experience and rewards them for their participation. The token permits users to have more utility, access more features and benefits, and create and own their own gaming NFTs and in-game assets. The token will be stored in the user’s Gaimin platform’s secure and integrated wallet.

The Gaimin Team and Partners

The Gaimin team is made up of some seriously heavy hitters from various niches. These include the tech, blockchain, gaming, marketing, community engagement and business development industries.

Team cohesion is important and the founders of Gaimin have all known each other for over 15 years. Prior to Gaimin, the team has extensive experience in problem-solving and solution creation together. Their collective experience enables Gaimin to thrive.

The core team is composed of:

  • Martin Speight — CEO and Co-Founder

Martin is an experienced entrepreneur and business strategy consultant with over 30 years in sales and marketing. Martin was the founder of a successful online marketing company and brings specific experience working with online businesses, developing systems and processes for growth planning.

  • Clive Aroskin — COO and Co-Founder

Clive is an operations and logistics specialist with significant entrepreneurial start-up experience. With extensive referral program expertise, community development and event management experience, Clive brings the skills and experience to the table needed to scale user adoption and empower the user experience that is necessary to build a successful project.

  • Andrew Faridani — CMO and Co-Founder

Andrew was the Founder of Canada’s largest local digital agency. He has over 18 years of experience specialising in online advertising, branding, and social media. Andrew is well suited to lead the Gaimin marketing efforts.

  • Robert van Shaik — CFO and Co-Founder

Robert has over 30 years of business formation and management experience. He has founded several successful online businesses.

  • Calvin Adamus — CPO and Co-Founder

Calvin has extensive product-specific knowledge and experience as a strategic advisor, with a background in community building and referral programs.

  • Buki Ben Natan — CFO and Co-Founder

Buki is knowledgeable and well versed in blockchain technology and all aspects of IT product development. Buki has worked with big data tech as well as stack and machine learning in the past and brings that wealth of knowledge to the Gaimin team.

  • Joseph Turner — CGO

Joseph is well suited to be Gaimin’s Chief Gaming Officer as he has enjoyed advisory positions for Esports and the gaming industry. With over 15 years of experience as a player, coach and consultant to top-tier Esports organizations, Joseph focuses on community engagement and market accessibility.

The Gaimin project has also onboarded a pretty impressive list of partners including:

More information can be found about the team and project by checking out their socials:

Closing Thoughts on Why They Like Gaimin

Gaimin is doing something truly revolutionary. It is the first project to ever focus on creating a decentralised computing processing power system that rewards gamers passively for sharing their unused computational power.

What Gaimin is aiming to do doesn’t just benefit gamers but brings yet another use case for the world of decentralisation.

Passive income and rewards have been shown to be powerful incentives. The protocol being offered by Gaimin really is a no-brainer for anyone who has the equipment required to participate. Yet the platform goes beyond simply passive income and rewards. Particularly when the intention to build an NFT, digital merchandise, and in-game asset marketplace is considered. Ultimately, attracting gamers and computer users from every demographic.

Through active community engagement and peer-to-peer interactions, the platform will create a thriving ecosystem for the next stage in blockchain and play-to-earn gaming metaverses.

Sheesha Finance also takes the health of their planet seriously. They have recently signed the Crypto Climate Accord and they stand by and support many projects with green initiatives.

By creating a decentralised network, Gaimin is effectively reducing the need for resource-hungry, city-sized data processing centres.

The Gaimin team have impressive experience in community building, user adoption techniques, referral programs, tech, blockchain, marketing and gaming. All are important aspects when trying to launch such a massively ambitious program.

They feel that if any team has a chance at bringing a project like this to the masses — it is the Gaimin team.

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