Sheesha Finance Spotlight on Kasta

What Makes Kasta so Convenient?

Beyond securely sending and receiving crypto, Kasta will provide users with a way to:

Send Cross-Border Payments Fee Free

Kasta makes sending crypto to friends and family anywhere in the world easy. Allowing users to send and receive crypto instantly and without platform fees.

The Kasta Debit Card

Crypto debit cards are perfect for anyone who wants to truly “unbank” themselves or who receives their salary in crypto.

Buy Now, Pay Later

This feature is fantastic as it allows for spontaneous purchases to be made on the fly with the ability to strategically choose how to pay later when you have some time to think. This is perfect for those times when a hot sale item from an online store catches your eye.

Passive Income? Yes Please

With Kasta’s Yield feature, users don’t have to let their crypto collect dust. Put those crypto bags to work and earn a solid yield APY. The Kasta system will automatically do the work for you and find the best yield returns for the lowest risk available.

An Easy Swap Engine

Thanks to Kasta’s easy swap engine, people will be able to choose what currency they would like to receive payments in.

An Easy Fiat On & Off Ramps

Kasta supports an easy way to get money on, and off the platform. With bank transfer support and pay-outs which can be directly put back onto non-Kasta debit cards, you never have to worry about your funds being stuck.

The Kasta Token

The Kasta token (KASTA) will be used as a method of payment on the platform. KASTA token holders will enjoy reduced exchange fees, improved yield rates, and benefits such as cashback and limited design debit cards.

The Team, Advisors, and Partners

Kasta is made up of an impressive group of individuals with vast experience in crypto, start-up, and traditional industries. The project has partnered with some very notable personalities in the crypto space such as Jordan, “The Martini Guy,” and Ivan from Ivan on Tech.

Closing Thoughts on Why They Like Kasta

Kasta is providing real-world solutions for a multi-billion-dollar industry that is on track to continue its growth and adoption. In the United States alone in 2021, payment solution mobile apps for traditional finance had a payment volume of $432 billion.

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