Tarantula Saurus — Monster Story #1

3 min readOct 1, 2021

Introducing the Monster Stories series, presenting you the story of the deadly and vicious monster ‘Tarantula Saurus’. 🕷📙

Tarantula was Dr-Gelatins’ (Monster) favorite pet and he always used to keep him beside during all kinds of experiments and other things. One fine day, Dr-Gelatine came up with the new idea of making normal living insects turn into deadly monsters. He always had a dream to make an army of his own to rule the deadly monstrous land. Tarantula was his favorite pet since the beginning and Tarantula knew all the secrets of Dr-Gelatine.

Dr-Gelatin knew all secrets to the potions and chemicals, he loved trying new things out as he wanted to make a way out to rule the world with a strong army of his own. He had no one to talk to as trusting anyone with his secrets was very difficult for him, but Tarantula was an insect and couldn’t communicate, so the doctor knew that his secrets would be safe with his pet.

After years of doing experiments, Dr-Gelatine could not find the secret to reaching his goal and making the one fine potion that he could feed the living insects to turn them into Monsters to make a deadly army of his own. He became very impatient, frustrated, and angry that he even forgot to feed his hungry pet Tarantula. He was so annoyed that he threw his hungry screaming pet Tarantula into the chemicals that he was preparing to make that ideal potion. Dr- Gelatine left the room and went upstairs to sleep without realizing that he had thrown his favorite pet Tarantula into deadly chemicals.

The chemical explosion occurred in the basement lab and Dr- Gelatine went running down the stairs to see what happened. His pet tarantula was no longer his pet but a Tarantula Saurus, having a new deadly monstrous look and huge size. He was angry and vengeful so he killed his owner Dr-Gelatine without any mercy and ate him while he was begging for mercy.

Now Tarantula Saurus is huge and knows all the ways to make the perfect potions as he was already familiar with Dr. Gelatine’s potion secrets. Now on Monstel planet, he is one of the rare monsters who know how to make potions.

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