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With the monumental development in the blockchain gaming industry and the new trend of metaverses, the crypto community is excited for what the industry will bring forward. Blockchain gaming and metaverse is a fun and interactive use case of the crypto ecosystem that empowers creators, game developers, and users to participate in an incentivized and immersive world powered by blockchain technology.

To cater to this growing demand, more projects are developing new products within the boundaries of blockchain gaming and EnjinStarter aims to help them for a successful and fair launch. ENJINSTARTER is a blockchain gaming launchpad focused on growing the Enjin ecosystem and the metaverse.

Welcome to ENJINSTARTER Multiverse

ENJINSTARTER is built on Enjin’s JumpNet with a proprietary platform that helps creators and game developers to run capital-raising campaigns and build communities using blockchain technology. Apart from issuing tokens, the project helps game developers to explore other innovative ways of raising capital to fund their projects using the sale of virtual items as NFTs. The Jumpnet is a continuous work in progress with the fully developed version scheduled to be launched in early 2022.

Moreover, ENJINSTARTER offers an incubation program supported by its accredited partner network that will provide projects with end-to-end support to develop sustainable strategies and launch successful campaigns.

ENJINSTARTER aims to create a thriving ecosystem for blockchain gaming and help create a better world. The project believes the community plays a pivotal role in achieving this vision and is introducing new innovative ways for players to earn cryptocurrencies in an engaging way.

The EnjinStarter Multiverse consists of two elemental features that power the ecosystem and push it forward.

  • Embrace the Enjin Ecosystem
  • The Enjin ecosystem helps creators and game development studios to embrace the Enjin robust blockchain ecosystem to develop their utility and leverage the Efinity blockchain for their NFTs and other digital assets.
  • Empower Digital Ownership with NFTs
  • The core of EnjinStarter Multiverse is powered by NFTs that showcase how blockchain will catalyze a new era in digital ownership.

All these services are powered by ENJINSTARTER’s no gas fees and carbon-negative NFTs with smart contract support. The project aims to create a better world by embracing blockchain technology and helping potential-rich and reliable projects launch their services transparently and in a fair manner.


ENJINSTARTER is a launchpad focused on Blockchain Gaming and Metaverses to help promote the use of blockchain-powered emerging technologies and create a better world.

An independent startup affiliated with Enjin, ENJINSTARTER provides an ecosystem designed to launch successful creators and game developers by enabling them to build and develop their blockchain and digital asset strategy and guiding them along the way.

The platform is NFT-friendly and connects with the utility and resources of the Enjin ecosystem to build a new world of digital ownership.

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