The Future is Now with Animal Concerts

2 min readNov 28, 2021


The biggest buzzword in cryptocurrency right now is: NFTs. Non-fungible tokens have undoubtedly taken over the mindshare of millions of people in the blockchain space. But why are they so boring tho? Sure pretty JPGs are fun to look at and maybe even see in a specialized gallery, but what do they hold for the everyday consumer? Well you’re about to find out here in a second.

Limited edition NFT Tickets could be bought here:

Let’s take a platinum-selling artist and then create a series of super-limited NFTs that also act as concert tickets. Sound too good to be true? Because that’s exactly what Animal Concerts has done with Future. These exclusive tickets were available on OpenSea, available as NFTs.

But aside from the technological novelty of NFT concert tickets, the event itself was bonkers. First, the Animal Concerts team is moved the listeners to Miami. Second, they got the full VIP treatment at the Fontainebleau Oasis and the Maxim Model lounge. But if that wasn’t enough, they were invited to an exclusive meet and greet with Future and his whole squad.

But let’s not forget there were other VIPs at this party, including the Maxim Models. The Instagram potential alone is probably worth the price of admission.

And the cool thing is that this is JUST the beginning of Animal Concerts. Animal Concerts has an entire team working tirelessly behind the scenes to design NFTs, secure banging venues, and sign up new talent! Now they can’t go spill that tea just yet, but believe them when they say that they have several famous recording artists in the world of hip-hop and EDM very interested in coming on with them.

Because here’s the thing gang, you need to include the fans. Fans are the lifeblood for any recording artist out there. And since the pandemic, fans have been disconnected from artists due to the closure of concerts, social distancing, and the entire fiasco. If they’re going to reinvigorate this industry they need your help, and they are pouring a ton of resources and time into making it happen.

Their business is focused on bringing in the next 100 million cryptocurrency users within 12 months, while not forgetting those that are already crypto-native. They are creating a new personal connection with artists which was not available to the masses in the past, only to a few well-connected VIPs.

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