The Neon Link Ecosystem Overview

3 min readJul 9, 2023


Welcome Web3 Gamers!

This exciting new web3 and crypto-gaming-specific blockchain will revolutionise the potential of games that use NFTs, tokens and more to empower gamers.

The platform is launching as a complete offering, incorporating ten elements that have been built with in-house talent and are in the latest stages of development, before we launch our three games later this year.

Blockchain — A distributed network, customised for video games. This network powers the entire ecosystem, providing extremely fast and virtually fee-free transactions!

Wallet — A multi-chain wallet for web3 gamers and developers. The Neon Wallet is the perfect place to house your in-game assets and NFTs, earn NEON, and take advantage of our lightning-fast network and low fees.

Bridge — This component of the Neon Link ecosystem allows liquidity to move between the Neon Network and other major Networks, such as Ethereum and Polygon.

Token — The core unit of value within the Neon Link ecosystem is used for governance, staking, and transactions across all applications on NEON.

Exchange — The Neon Exchange enables anyone with a Neon Wallet to exchange fungible tokens (Neon and other crypto assets that exist on the Neon Blockchain) in a peer-to-peer manner!

Marketplace — The venue to trade non-fungible assets, such as in-game assets and profile pictures. Neon’s low transaction costs and user-friendly marketplace contribute to an enjoyable and seamless experience for gamers and developers.

NFTs — Both fungible and non-fungible digital assets will exist on the Neon network.

Fungible assets can be used for traditional in-game currency, whereas non-fungible tokens can be used to represent unique and collectible items that add an element of scarcity and value to the game.

Block Explorer — Neon Scan is a search engine interface allowing users to easily explore blockchain data, such as token details, transactions and holder lists.

It also provides the capability to easily read, write and interact with any smart contracts on Neon.

SDK — Neon Link’s SDK will consist of tools and applications that help game developers implement innovative technologies, such as smart contracts and artificial intelligence. The aim of the SDK is to enhance the capabilities of developers to deliver better games, and create new opportunities and experiences for themselves and their players!

Games — With 3 games already launching this year, Neon Link will host a variety of extremely fun, interoperable, and exciting games across a number of genres! More details coming in our next post.

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