This will be the first of a continuous series of written updates concerning the development of the Centaurify platform.

To give a basis of understanding for where they are and where they intend to be, this short article will give a high-level overview of how they see the entire development process for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) version of the Centaurify platform.

It is also important to state that, as with all things in IT development, the roadmap can be subject to change, due to numerous factors. The Centaurify team is focused on quality, security and user experience and they will not release anything that they are not happy with.

What are they building in the MVP?

The MVP consists of three systems that work together to become the Centaurify platform. A NFT marketplace, NFT ticketing system and the $CENT token (utility).

The NFT Marketplace will be a place where music artists can work with visual collaborators to produce unique digital merchandise for fans and collectors. It compliments the NFT Ticketing System, by offering ticket purchasers an intuitive way to purchase relevant NFT merchandise for a specific event and artist.

The NFT Ticketing System is an eco-system for ticketing, providing live event artists with the tools to control the first and secondary markets, and allowing them to create tier based tickets depending on the type of event they are producing.

Both systems will use the $CENT token as the economic fuel, integrated with FIAT on-ramps for those that are not (yet) into cryptocurrencies.

More information about how the systems will work together can be found in our white paper on their homepage.

High level view of the development roadmap for Centaurify

Where are they now?

Right now they are at the beginning of the development journey for both the frontend and the backend (on-chain and off-chain systems). For the frontend user experience, they are working closely with Flair, to design the elements of UX-UI so that — when they release the MVP version of the platform — they can easily onboard the first artists and fans.

The backend development is being spearheaded by MLabs, making sure that on-chain mechanics, NFTs, tickets, smart-contracts and important functions all work as intended.

They look forward to sharing more updates with you about the development, on a frequent basis. Thank you for reading.

Remember to follow them on their social media platforms and join the Centaurify Community on Telegram and Discord to not miss out on anything Centaurify!

Website | Twitter | Telegram| Coinmarketcap| Coingecko| White Paper




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