Things You Should Know Before Investing in NFTs: The NFT Types!

3 min readMay 2, 2022

These days, digital money and digital wallets are getting ever more popular. You might have heard of bitcoin, cryptocurrency, or NFTs. Even celebrities such as Snoop Dogg invested 17 million dollars into NFTs. NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are a digital asset with uniqueness. Its non-fungible nature makes every NFT out there unique to its buyer. Furthermore, there are different types of NFTs with different functions that you can buy.

At this point, some people might think: wait, so which one should I buy? There is more to this than I expected! Well don’t worry, let’s dive deeper into the NFT world and learn more about the types of NFTs before you invest!

Before we map the world of NFTs, let’s put it into a simple conclusion: anything digital can be an NFT, and it marks the item’s authenticity. It can be a piece of music, drawing, or even in our niche, game tokens. So, when we talk about the types of NFT, there are lots to choose from based on your preferences! If you like gaming, some blockchain games use the collectible NFT type. Collectible NFTs are a unique NFT that you buy for the purpose of collecting the item. For example, in Eizper Chain, there are character NFTs such as Kriss and Harly that you can collect and play as!

Next, you can buy utility-based NFTs. This type of NFT specifically pushes their internal value. People buy this type of NFT for what they can get after buying the NFT. For example, if you buy the enemies NFT in Eizper Chain, such as Skeleton Chainsaw NFT, Skeleton Glock NFT, Lobus NFT, Hulkjouster NFT and others, you can get unique ownership of the NFT and you can also get rare loot every time you defeat these types of enemies. Other NFTs also have different benefits. For example, you can get discounts every time you buy an item in the game with Chanty NFT! Each Eizper Chain NFT has different benefits, so you should check it.

Other than that, there are also art NFTs in which you can buy the unique ownership for digital art items, or even real-world items, identity, and memes! Anything can be an NFT as long as it’s available digitally. NFT is a way of securing a unique ownership of a digital item.

Want to invest in NFTs but still confused on which one to buy? You can get them all! In Eizper Chain, there are lots of different kinds of NFTs from the collectible to the utility ones. By getting an Eizper Chain NFT, you can get more in-game benefits! Ranging from getting a higher chance of rare and legendary loot, discounts, or even extra quests. Isn’t it great? Moreover, with NFTs, you can earn real money while having fun by playing the game and indulging in the adventure! So, buying Eizper Chain NFT is a fun way to earn money in this modern world.

If you want to try NFTs by yourself, Eizper Chain will release their set of NFTs very soon! Want to know more? Then check their Instagram and Twitter, @eizperchain, and their website,