Top Web 3.0 Developed Apps You Must Know About

Web 3.0 and Blockchain Technology

Web 3.0 will operate through decentralized networks, the founding base for cryptocurrencies and blockchains. They shall expect a strong convergence and symbiotic interaction between these three technologies. They will be interoperable, seamlessly integrated, automated by smart contracts, and used to power everything from microtransactions in Africa to censorship-resistant P2P data file storage and sharing through applications like Filecoin. This has the potential to entirely transform the business operations and strategies.

Semantic Web

The semantic Web is the future of web evolution. It enhances online technologies by allowing users to create, share, and connect content via search and analysis based on understanding the meaning of words rather than keywords or numbers.

Artificial Intelligence

On Web 3.0, computers may perhaps identify and analyze information in the same way humans do. This will bring up better and more relevant results. Natural language processing and artificial intelligence will be leveraged in much more interesting ways to process data and deliver a better user experience.

3D Graphics

To make websites more interactive, Web 3.0 may rely largely on three-dimensional designs. 3D graphics on Web 3.0 include computer games, geospatial contexts, e-commerce galleries, museum tours, etc. Web 3.0 will become a three-dimensional network, bringing avatars, virtual reality, and augmented reality into the daily lives of people.

Connectivity and Ubiquity

Web 3.0 will render the same data which will be accessible across many applications and services. In this manner, the actual operational data of an organization would be available and could be accessed from multiple devices worldwide.

#1 Voice Assistants

Voice recognition software is quickly becoming a critical component of Web 3.0. Voice assistants are able to perform complicated and personalized requests using speech recognition and artificial intelligence. Put them on decentralized architecture and your data is no longer leveraged by a singular company for its profits.

#2 Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a computational intelligence platform that allows users to compute solutions. It is particularly popular among students and professionals in disciplines, such as mathematics, nutrition, and science. This platform uses Web 3.0 by aggregating information from online databases and simplifying it for end-users.

#3 Bondex

Bondex is a Web 3.0 talent ecosystem that combines a talent network and marketplace with financial capabilities and is partially owned by its community of users via tokenized rewards. This dApp makes your life simple by providing services, such as professional networking to fintech solutions. Visit the website here to know more.

Bondex Referrals

You can also use Bondex’s Smart Referral System to expand your network and earn more BNDX — the native token of Bondex. The greater the number of successful referrals, the more prominent the rewards. A tiered structure will be implemented soon, which will be both encouraging and rewarding towards mentoring and team building. Be a ‘Connector’ today- bring in business customers. These ‘connects’ will also be eligible for tokenized incentives.



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