Walk around the DREEM Metaverse location

2 min readSep 23, 2022

What can you do with Dreem? Let us count the ways… ✨ An NFT marketplace where you can buy AND block AND rent NFTs ✨ Custom community realms ✨ Claimable 3D NFTs ✨ P2E games ✨ Create a token-gated realm for your community ✨ BTW it’s free to build sooo….🏃

Any Web2 or Web3 community will be able to design and exist in thier own 3D world. With a 3D asset nft marketplace to explore and no cost to create, the barrier of entry is simple inertia -Why create a 3D discord? -Why engage my community in virtual spaces? ..🤔

Dreem is are gamified virtual spaces with endless design possibilities and game libraries, where any community can create from to attract audiences to their metaverse. If you’re here, you’re early. Dreem.xyz

Dreem is supported by an NFT marketplace where you can buy/block/rent NFTs 😎

The day Web3 metaverses explode in popularity is when they can scale to fit thousands of people in a given area

Getting involved is easy. Whether you’re a builder, trader or creator. Start using Dreem.xyz today to spawn a meta economy for any thing imaginable. If you’re here, you’re early.

And I thought it was so fantastic.

If only it was this easy IRL

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