Welcome to “Metavertical” Living — Welcome to Ethereum Towers

Have you ever watched a sci-fi movie where the star is instantly transported to another world just by placing a VR set on their head? Have you ever dreamed of owning virtual property that is completely customisable to your own individual tastes? Have you ever wished you could visit friends, family and colleagues without ever leaving the comfort of your sofa? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any or all of these questions; Ethereum Towers is the metaverse project for you.

Ethereum Towers Floor Topography

Ethereum Towers is a megastructure spanning across two identical towers, which is set in the forthcoming Ethereum Worlds metaverse. The towers have been professionally designed by award winning architects and consist of 4,388 fully customisable resident-owned apartments. These can be purchased through an ERC-721 NFT which is essentially your access card to the Towers. From here the resident will be able to explore a 3D, fully-immersive apartment that they can design and build to their own personal style.

Within the beautifully designed skyscraper there are 3 different types of apartment; standard, luxury and penthouse. The majority of the Towers consists of standard apartments, but don’t let the name fool you as these are fully customisable within the footprint of the owned area. The next type of apartments are luxury, bigger in size compared to the standard. They have extra benefits and a proposed higher token earning multiplier once the token is introduced. Finally, on the top two floors there are penthouses, these are the rarest and most coveted apartments with only 32 available across both towers. By purchasing a penthouse you get an array of incentives and the highly desirable black access card, which can also be customised with a logo or favourite NFT.

Penthouse Corner Plot Design

Residents will have complete ownership and control of their apartment(s); perhaps decorating the space like an old apartment or designing it like an art gallery to share their NFT collection. They can meet friends, family or even customers for business and/ or pleasure. Ethereum Towers will even equip users with the tools to design their apartment and hold free or paid events if they so wish.

The structure itself is set in the Ethereum Worlds metaverse; an idyllic location that is home to a number of stunning views, amenities and activities. Residents and visitors alike can explore the lands, take part in events and engage in mini-tasks which will be enabled by a native token that is currently in development. The vertical nature of Ethereum Towers means that residents can interact and form communities easier compared to a more spread out horizontal metaverse. This is because the plots are in closer proximity to each other as well as closer to the amenities, this innovative format also reduces the visibility of baron undeveloped land that is commonplace in other projects.

So as you can see the value derived from a single NFT far outweighs the cost of the original apartment purchase. Friends, family and even business owners can benefit from using the apartment for unlimited purposes, or perhaps for speculation, similar to what is seen in real-world real estate investments. There are many metaverses out there, all with their own unique approach and operability. Ethereum Towers is self-styled as a home-base within the metaverse where users can express their individuality while still being able to socialise and conduct their business; a virtual home from home.

Ethereum Towers Roadmap

Tower 1 has already sold out thanks to an innovative free sale for early adopters as well as some notable high profile penthouse sales for 25eth each. Tower 2 sale begins on the 19th of February for select groups of residents and community members. Subsequent phases will follow based on demand and development progress. Will you be one of the first to own an apartment in the first vertical metaverse; Ethereum Towers?




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