WeSleep App development: Deep Dive

2 min readOct 6, 2022


Since application is at the very core of WeSleep project, development team is fully focused on working on the frontend and backend solutions and preparations. We do already have a more detailed plan on what to expect in the upcoming months and are eager to share with our community.

People behind the Application

Team of international software developers, designers who are mainly focused on building native mobile applications for iOS and Android operating systems. Combined, team has built a dozen of projects, ranging from startups to huge corporations like AutoScout, where even a small adjustment in the application advertising ecosystem might significantly increase revenue.

Application design sneak peek: light and dark themes

Expected timeline: Stage 1


  • Week 40: Final designs delivered by the development team;
  • Week 41: Clickable version for light team on Figma (selected community members will be able to access);
  • Week 42: Dark theme introduction;
  • Week 43: Clickable version for dark theme on Figma (selected community members will be able to access).


  • Week 44: Architecture setup;
  • Week 44: Apple and Android health sync;
  • Week 46: Clickable app prototype for screens.


  • Week 42: Backed system setup;
  • Week 42: Email service setup;
  • Week 44: Authentication and profile endpoints;
  • Week 46: Admin dashboard;
  • Week 48: Health data sync from apps.

Timeline above is basically a first stage of development for the MVP launch, after completing the above, second development stage specifically for application and backend sections will take place, stay tuned for further updates.

How to become one of the first ones to check and evaluate the design?

In order to get into a list of community members who are selected to test and evaluate the design, you would need to:

  1. Invest in Private Sale: Tier A or Tier B package
    ( https://wesleep.io/private-sale/ );
  2. Confirm your allocation with WeSleep team member;
  3. Provide an email address for verification and access to design package.

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Thank you for your support!

Stay tuned for upcoming updates on CEX listing, Launchpads, MVP release update and much more!

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