WeSleep | Marketplace | Mechanics | Anti-cheat system | Taxes and fees

2 min readOct 7, 2022


WeSleep internal app marketplace will allow users to buy/sell their Sleepies and/or sleeping pills, treasury boxes. Multiple easy to use filters to be included for easy and comfortable navigation.

Sleep time trade (buying/selling) — (Coming soon)

In order to facilitate internal economy within the community, users will be able to share/buy/sell their sleep time with other Sleepers in exchange of WSLP tokens.

WeSleep teams (Coming soon)

Sleepers to be allowed to form teams within the community and participate in events, competitions to earn various perks: WSLP tokens, potions, sleep time, etc.


WeSleep mobile application uses API from users activity/health and GPS tracker (Apple health, Strava, Garmin, and Fitbit, or Samsung health) to keep track on the efficiency and length of the sleep, such API data from users phone, watch or any other activity tracking device, is then put into a smart contract, which, according to the users NFT type, level and attributes automatically transfers the rewards. ZZZ tokens then can be swapped to BUSD using in-app swap option.

Anti-cheat system

WeSleep calculates and distributes rewards only, if the conditions of anti-cheat system are met.

  • User’s GPS tracking has to be turned on during the period slept;
  • User has accepted our connection with data from motion sensors and health activity trackers;
  • Original phone operating system was not changed or altered in any way.

Taxes and fees

Marketplace trading fee — 4%

Marketplace royalty fee — 2%

Sleepie breeding/minting — 3%

*Royalty is payable to the creators of NFT

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