What is an NFT Social dApp?

3 min readMar 12, 2022

Straight Fire helps you tell your NFT stories to the world

Straight Fire NFT Social dApp

Straight Fire

Straight Fire is building an essential part of the NFT infrastructure: the first NFT social dApp that adds utility and provenance to your NFTs and elucidates the true value of your NFT collections.

The NFT social dApp enables creators, collectors, and NFT enthusiasts to view and manage all their NFTs in one place, share and promote their NFT Stories on social media, experience them in real life through AR, and sell NFTs on all major marketplaces.

Straight Fire NFT Social dApp features the following:

  • View all your NFTs in one place
    Open a Straight Fire account and connect your digital wallets. You can now upload and view all your NFTs from 70+ blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Flow and Wax. For the first time, you can manage your complete NFT collection in one place.
  • Share your NFT stories on social media
    Creators, collectors and all NFT enthusiasts can now be expert NFT marketeers. First select the NFTs you want to promote or share. Then, choose from their library of predefined filters your favourite NFT story, personalise and add some kick-ass music, and share directly to your social media channels.
  • They help you connect the virtual and the physical world. Simply, select your NFTs, choose from their library of AR lenses, take a selfie or video, add some music, and share your NFT story directly on social media. You can even permit your favourite influencers to access your selected NFT story, so they can promote your NFTs.
  • Automate your NFT campaigns
    From small to medium and even large creators, collectors, and businesses, all can now develop fully automated NFT campaigns. Use the campaign calendar and planning tool to schedule your NFT stories for each of your socials. Then use their analytics and reporting tool to measure and optimise the impact of your NFT stories.
  • Monetise on new NFT categories
    Their in-dApp marketplace features completely new NFT categories: unique filters, AR lenses, 3D scenes, skins, music shorts that help their users to continuously create exciting NFT stories. Some are developed in-house by their NFT Lab, others are developed by creatives from all over the world exclusively for the Straight Fire NFT social dApp.
  • Browse public user profiles
    With one-click, you can turn your profile public. All users can now view your NFT collections and, more importantly, the NFT stories that you have created over time. Inspire others, show them who you truly are, and claim your position in the Metaverse. Their NFT social dApp is more than just a tool, it is your virtual stage to shine on.

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