What is NFT? All You Need to Know About NFTs and Cryptocurrency

According to Nonfungible.com, 50.000 NFTs are sold each week. Can you imagine a huge store with 50.000 products sold each week, isn’t it amazing? But wait, what is NFT and how can anyone buy something that they can’t hold? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we are going to dive deeper into the world of NFTs, cryptocurrency, and how you can participate in this world of digital economy.

NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens are a digital asset with uniqueness. Its non-fungible nature makes every NFT out there unique to its buyer. The NFT that you buy will not be the same as the NFT that your friend buys! Although it’s digital, NFT marks the item’s authenticity. So by buying an NFT, you hold a license to a piece of music, drawing, or even in our niche, game tokens. To make it easier to understand, here’s an example. In Eizper Chain, there are lots of NFTs, ranging from character NFTs, weapons, items, and more. For example you can buy a Lobus NFT, a type of enemy in Eizper Chain. If you buy a Lobus NFT, you get unique ownership of that specific NFT and all its in-game benefits, which happens to be better loot. Sure, everyone can download a picture of the Lobus online, but only you own the original, authentic NFT. Authenticity and real ownership are what make NFTs worth it. You can also buy other NFTs such as Kriss and Harly NFTs, Chanty NFT, Rudion NFT, the Skeleton Chainsaw NFT, and many more!

Moreover, what makes Eizper NFTs different from others is the in-game benefits. By owning an Eizper Chain NFT, you can also get rare loot every time you defeat a certain type of enemy, special discounts every time you buy an item in the game, extra quests, and so on. For example, if you buy a Chanty NFT, you can get discounts when you buy items in her shop! Each Eizper Chain NFT has different benefits, so you should check it out yourself. With NFTs, playing Eizper Chain will be funner than ever.

So, what’s the deal with buying NFTs besides the authenticity and in-game benefits? When you buy an NFT, you can hope that the price will go higher so you can sell it for more profit. Back to business, mate. You can be a pure NFT collector or someone aiming to get more profit by buying and selling NFTs. NFT is said to be the future of art collecting, but besides that, it also attracts a wider community. From business people to a community of gamers, NFTs bring people together by combining what people like, what’s popular, and what’s good for the business.

Want to try NFTs by yourself? Don’t worry, Eizper Chain NFTs will be out very soon! Besides the serious trading stuff, you can also have fun by playing the game and enjoying the adventure! Want to know more? Then check their Instagram and Twitter, @eizperchain, and their website, www.eizperchain.com.




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