RacewayX is a revolutionary blockchain game, built on Binance Smart Chain with plans to evolve into multi-chain. The underlying technology will offer players multiple collections of cars and accessories, value-driven by the availability of rare collections. The team brings real-world experience into the blockchain industry with an intuitive gaming experience.

Players buy cars and can level them up with upgrades like better engines, exhaust and nitro. To race, players buy gas at a gas station and then enter an upcoming race. The total of all the gas bought per race makes up the reward pool. First place wins 50% of the reward pool, second and third place split the second half of the pool. Winnings are paid out in the governance tokens.

Additionally, players can earn by playing the game or by simply owning parts of the game. All ownable parts of the game are in the form of verifiable owned NFTs.

Their Value Proposition

They are creating an ecosystem that’s sustainable with the provision of never before seen gaming experience.

💎 Text-based strategy car racing game powered by AI
💎 They offer lifetime royalties for their early bird.
💎 NFT with utility, their whole gaming system is tied to owing their NFT
💎 Multi-chain platform

During the core development of the game, they will introduce more tricks to ensure they have more than a million outcomes for every race to make it unpredictable. Metaverse will be integrated into RacewayX for a whole new gaming experience.

Join them on this journey by following their telegram community!




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