What They’ve Been Up To, And What’s Coming Next?

3 min readApr 26, 2022


2021 was a phenomenal year for every one of them at Fanfury — & 2022 promises to be even more exceptional.

So, tighten your seatbelts & brace yourselves, because the team have got some mind-blowing projects scheduled for the first and second quarter of this year, the likes of:

Q4 2021: Angel, Private, And Seed Round

Their private, seed, and angel sales for the pretty curious ones- happened between November 2021 and January 2022.

During the seed round, $FURY was up for sale at $0.025 per token, and at the close, we had $525,000.

Private sales were slated for $0.035 per token and were only open to strategic investors. In the end, they received $1,202,550.

Finally, they received $195,000 for our Angel round.

Q1 2022: Whitelist Announcement & Tesnet Registration

Sometime in January, they released a list of 5000 names from their whitelist campaign. Then, they had 10,000 people register for their upcoming Testnet program. Altogether — 15,000 individuals would be the first set of players to explore the Fanfury metaverse and give feedback or report bugs (if discovered).

Q1 2022: Public Sale

On the 1st of March 2022, they opened the doors to our pre-sale on the ATLO launchpad. 6,300,000 $FURY were put up for this sale and it was priced at $0.05.

24 hours into their sales, they reached 80% of their raise, 48 hours into it, they surpassed their target raise to beat it by $202,065.87. At the end of the sale, 845 people participated, with an average buy of $594 and 159% of raise reached.

Q1 2022: Testnet Release

The team know you’re all keyed up for the announcement of the Testnet Reward Programme on Fanfury & they’re excited to finally announce that, on the 10th of March — our Testnet release was live!

1,000,000 $FURY tokens get allocated towards this program, with 15,000 prospective members participating in this rewarding exercise.

All you need to do is- explore the Fanfury ecosystem, give feedback, report bugs & any other vulnerabilities not yet detected on the app to the Fanfury team.

Q1 2022: Ambassadorship Programme

In a bid to expand their community & spread the gospel about Fanfury, they’ll introduce their ambassadorship program for existing members to help both new & intending members get familiarized & au courant with Fanfury’s ecosystem.

All ambassadors would get incentivized with $FURY tokens for using their influencer contacts & content creation skills to produce & share as much information as possible and answer technical questions about Fanfury on different social media platforms.

Q2 2022: Token Generation Event (TGE)

The team is tirelessly working to make this happen, and by April 2022, they will officially be minting & launching $FURY tokens.

Read more about the dynamics of Fanfury’s tokenomics here.

Q2 2022: Mainnet

Brace yourselves, people, because, On the 12th of April, Fanfury will officially be going live on mainnet.

Q2 2022: Others

Apart from the abovementioned programs, they’ve got other unique events slated for Q2 2022. There’ll be new game experiences, lots of in-game rewards systems, & the likes.