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About Xfinite

Xfinite is a platform designed to re-establish trust between consumers, content creators, and publishers powered by Algorand. Through the use of viewer-based rewards, the Xfinite ecosystem helps the media and entertainment industry combat advertising fraud by increasing transparency and creating a new habit of engagement. Xfinite has established various partnerships with global corporations in order to drive innovation and create new use cases for blockchain technology. Xfinite is backed by eminent partners including Black Mamba, Borderless Capital, Black Mamba, Ceras Ventures, Dext, Double Peak, Shima Capital and Strong Node. Xfinite’s native token XET has been listed on on 15th September, 2021.

How Xfinite is leveraging Algorand Blockchain

Xfinite has a next-generation media platform to build trust through innovation in inclusive economics, content ownership, data management, and transparency with XET as its native currency on Algorand. Stakeholders of Xfinite can make the most out of ASA — Algorand Standard Assets through staking and yielding.

Xfinite has launched the Mzaalo dApp which is a gamified video on demand platform available on iOS, Google Play store and Web. Mzaalo is the first use case of Xfinite’s application of Algorand’s robust and scalable tech. With this application, Xfinite is driving its mission of mass adoption of blockchain to democratize content consumption at an even faster speed.

Xfinite is promoting Algorand’s razor sharp and cost-effective blockchain framework. Xfinite is consistently developing ASA-based projects to bring liquidity to users and stakeholders.

Xfinite (XET) Web and social networks



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